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Wisconsin Rapids PD searching for armed robbery suspect Video included

Wisconsin Rapids Police are still searching for a man suspected of armed robbery at a Jimmy John's restaurant.


School shooting victims killed attempting to ward off gunman Video included


An outgoing and 'really funny' student who blocked the door to try to prevent the gunman from entering the classroom and an exchange student who aspired to work in civil service were among the 10 people killed at a Texas high school. More>>

What is lava haze? A look at Hawaii's latest volcanic hazard


White plumes of acid and extremely fine shards of glass are billowing into the sky over Hawaii as molten rock from Kilauea volcano pours down a hillside and into the ocean. More>>

Humans account for little next to plants, worms, bugs


Scientists now can estimate how much the different types of life on Earth weigh and humans don't nearly measure up to plants, bacteria or even earthworms. More>>

Search continues for murder suspect in Rusk County Video included

Authorities are asking for the public's help, after the search for the suspect in a murder in Rusk County entered its fourth day. 


Fix It Up Wausau program to give neighborhoods a newer look Video included

The Fix It Up Wausau program would allow current and potential home owners to to give their homes a newer look with a low interest loan of 1 percent offered through the city.


Farming community reacts to Marathon Co. manure pump death Video included

A manure pump malfunction is to blame for the death of Paul Kloos, 19, of Stratford, according to Marathon County investigators.


UPDATE: Jury picked for Wausau carjacking trial Video included

WAUSAU (WAOW) - A jury began hearing testimony Monday for the trial of a Waterford man accused of jumping inside a running car - parked at a Wausau restaurant - and stealing it with an elderly woman and one-year-old child inside, according to online Marathon County court records.


Wisconsin has nine companies on 2018 Fortune 500 list

Wisconsin has nine companies on the 2018 Fortune 500 list, the same as in 2017. 


Mosinee school district receives 'TEACH' grant Video included

The Mosinee School District now has $50 thousand dollars to revamp technology.  


Police shocked man's tale of being stalked by pig turns out to be true

Police in a Cleveland suburb thought they had a drunk on their hands when a man called to report a pig following him home from a train station.


Feeling like summer as the week goes on Video included

Showers ending Monday night then warming up and turning more humid later this week.


Police: Man took family to lunch, left table and drove car into restaurant, killing 2

A man intentionally rammed a vehicle into a North Carolina restaurant busy serving Sunday lunch, killing his daughter and another person and injuring several others, authorities said.


Shootout between Texas school gunman and deputies lasted 25 minutes

The gunfire tearing through Santa Fe High School didn't stop for half an hour.


Dean accused of harassment resurfaces at 2 other schools Video included

Records show a University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point official who handled sexual misconduct complaints and resigned when he was accused of sexually harassing a woman on campus in 2015, went on to hold similar positions at other universities.


Body found in Wisconsin River in Wood Co. Video included

A body was pulled from the Wisconsin River Sunday, according to the Wood County Sheriff's Department.


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