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Marathon truckers featured on SpeedTV for dangerous work

Bruce Lang owns B&K Trucking in Marathon Bruce Lang owns B&K Trucking in Marathon

by Bryon Graff

MARATHON (WAOW) - You've probably heard of the hit show Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel.

Now.. take that same concept of a reality show based on over-the-road hauls.

In tonight's SpeedTV debut, you learn how a Marathon trucking company does its dangerous business.

B&K Trucking in Marathon is known for hauling large loads. Thanks to a new tv show on Speed TV... people across the country will learn firsthand exactly what goes on as they make those deliveries in a safe and timely manner.

Pangolin Pictures contacted B&K Trucking owner Bruce Lang about following his drivers.

Bruce Lang: KIt's not something that you would ever dream you would get an opportunity to do."

The series is based on some of the riskiest jobs in the world. Lang said they were fascinated with a trip in which B&K would deliver wind tower sections from the state of Washington to South Dakota. Each load weighed as much as 230 thousand pounds. The sections were at least 14 feet in diameter by 15 feet tall and 188 feet long.

Lang: "They basically had seen stuff like this move down the road but had no idea how it can move down the road."

More trucks hauled blades from Texas to South Dakota.

Lang: "It's all a real timely delivery. You have to get there at the same time yet you're coming from two different parts of the country."

25 trucks total did the job.

Lang: "When people see what we do it will give them a real understanding of what it takes."

The production company used three people and a vehicle full of high tech equipment.

Lang: "Some of the guys rode with us. And they would stop once in a while to hang cameras on the side of the truck."

In all they taped for 12 days last summer and will edit the show down to an hour.

Lang: "We just started from the day we started loading until the day we actually unloaded at the job site."

Lang was given an early rough cut of the video but says he'll watch with everyone else to see how the show turns out.

Lang: "I am excited. I'm getting more excited about it as it gets closer. And the people around here they feel about as good as I do because somebody from the local area is going to be shown to everybody else what he or she does."

The series is called Dangerous Drives and the episode is named Heavy Haulers.

It airs tonight at seven on SpeedTV.

Click here for a link to more episodes and the program schedule.

Online Reporter: Bryon Graff

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