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Weeds and algae wash up on Lake Wausau shores

By Anna Carrera

SCHOFIELD (WAOW) -- The shores of Lake Wausau look nice against the backdrop of the trees with changing colors. But still waters run deep and the beauty on the surface is tainted by the dead plants floating on it.

Lake Wausau used to have an association to help keep the area clean but it has petered out. And after nearly a decade without unified clean up efforts, the situation is starting to stink.

"It'd be very risky swimming out here because the bottom is so mucky," said Jeff Jackson, who lives in Schofield.

Jackson has lived on the lake for more than 30 years. He used to be a part of the Lake Wausau Association. He says he loves the view but hates the sight of the weeds and algae that lap up on his shore.

"Sometimes during late August, September, early October, when the weeds start to decay, we do get a pretty unpleasant odor here from the decaying weeds," said Jackson.

Lake Wausau used to have a group of people who made sure it stayed clean, but now the responsibility has fallen on the shoulders of individual residents.

Jackson says he would like to see this group get revitalized since this problem needs to be addressed by people on every side of Lake Wausau's shores. The issue stretches through all the major cities that border the lake, including Schofield, Rib Mountain and Rothschild.

"If we could get support from all across the board, I think we could really put a big dent in this problem," said Jackson.

And since a lot of people enjoy the lake, he says he sooner they take care of it, the better.

"The longer we let it go, the harder it will be to take care of our problem," said Jackson.

One member of Rib Mountain's town council said this is a difficult problem because it covers so many different municipalities. The local DNR is also working on putting together some sort of group to help clean up the lake.

Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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