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Someone You Should Know: Tammy Roy


by: Pam Warnke

STRATFORD (WAOW) -- She's not the typical welder nor the typical artist, but Tammy Roy has certainly found her niche. And the mother of three is doing it in an eco-friendly way.

Roy says, "We just started collecting scraps and we started piecing them together and creating some really interesting symmetrical shapes out of those repeated pieces."

Tammy and her mom, who is also a metal artist, find those scraps while "dumpster diving."  It's a rewarding kind of shopping where the cost is cheap and the end result--fantastic.

"Where it used to completely embarrass me, now I'm like throwing my kids in the dumpster.. like, 'that's a good piece of metal.'"

Tammy careful molds the scraps she finds into wall decor, lights, and beautiful bowls.

"I love spheres, I love modern shapes. So, the circle discs really became kind of my signature trademark bowl, and my sphere bowl just came from kinda experimenting with different shapes and form--wanting to created things from these different great shapes."

Completing a bowl takes between 1 and 2 hours.  It's a process Roy now has down to a science.

"I would take my washers and I would really find the mold and just start piecing them together so there's a lot of spot welding that happens. After that, I do a lot of cleaning with hand grinders and sanding, and after that I put a clear coat of spray."

Much of the technique Roy uses in the workshop, she learned from Mom and Dad.

"They were in the repair business for a long time so I kinda grew up in a shop."

And what she's creating is catching on.  Roy's happily selling her work in metropolitan areas around the country.

"These little boutiques and upscale eco-stores are opening across the country."

Those stores are focusing on what a lot of the nation is noticing right now--there's a need to be more eco-friendly.  Getting a Roy original puts the buyer in touch with that trend, and a piece of the artist in their environment.

"I think it's really original.  It's really personal and there's a little of me in every piece."

Online Reporter: Pam Warnke

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