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Experts Say: If Choking, Don't Use Heimlich Right Away!

WAUSAU -- If someone is choking, your first instinct is to give the Heimlich Maneuver. And why not. It's ingrained in our minds. The Heimlich Maneuver's been taught for over 40 years. But, new research shows you're not supposed to react to a choking person that way. Surprised? Even Red Cross Instructors, like Laural Harder say it didn't feel right. "I did question it. I was a little surprised," says Harder. Harder says now, you're supposed to use 5 back blows first. Use the palm of your hand and hit the person between the shoulder blades, five times. "It's going to help them cough a little bit. And hopefully get that object out on their own," says Harder. But if the object doesn't come out. Don't forget about the Heimlich Maneuver just yet. You will still use it as a combination with the five back blows. Just remember, start with the five back blows first, then use five abdominal thrusts. And repeat the process until the object is out. Experts say don't forget to call 9-11. You still want to call for emergency responders first, before you try to save the person. Even if you get the object out of the choking person's airway, they should still be seen by a doctor. The Red Cross has been teaching the new method for the past year.
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