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Quick, virtually painless, and effective, LASIK laser eye surgery may be able to help you see better - and it's available at Marshfield Clinic. We're dedicated to bringing you the most advanced and trusted LASIK technology. That's why we offer our patients the choice of Blade-Free Custom LASIK. LASIK may give you the freedom to enjoy life without the hassles of corrective lenses. More>>

  • Marshfield Clinic Lasik Surgery - Standard Refractive eye surgery, Custom Vue, Wavefronot, IntraLaseMore>>

  • Our Services

    Our Services

    Marshfield Clinic offers several types of laser eye surgery. This provides the ability to help people with a wider range of prescriptions, including some who currently need thick glasses or contacts. More >>
  • Consumer Education

    Consumer Education

    What is LASIK?
    LASIK, which stands for Laser In-situ Keratomileusis, is one form of laser vision correction. It uses computer-controlled pulses of ultraviolet laser light to reshape the lens of the eye.
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  • Patient TestimonialsMarshfield Clinic Lasik Surgery - Patient TestimonialsMore>>

  • Katherine’s LASIK Story

    Katherine’s LASIK Story

    Katherine O., from central Wisconsin, is an avid runner and hiker. She used to have to wear glasses or contacts to see well enough to run. Most runners prefer not to wear glasses because they can easily fall off and break, but in her case, neither option was a good choice:More >>
  • Randy’s LASIK Story

    Randy’s LASIK Story

    Randy B., also from central Wisconsin, had astigmatism that was becoming so bad, it made enjoying hunting, fishing or riding ATVs with his son difficult. Glasses don't go together with sports very well, and neither do outdoor activities - especially if it's rainy or foggy.More >>
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