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A diagnosis of cancer can be life changing. More that 12 million people in the country are now living with a history of cancer. Cancer treatment and care have evolved from an area of medicine with few options to a highly specialized team approach so that you can receive care that is right for you, when you need it. Since a cancer diagnosis and treatment can be complicated, it is important to have the right specialists on the team giving the right care at the right time. When facing a cancer diagnosis, Marshfield Clinic has those specialists to support patients and families through facing a cancer diagnosis and adding to the 12 million cancer survivors.
Meet the Cancer Specialists

Marshfield Clinic has the largest staff of cancer specialists trained in diagnosis and treatment of specific types of cancer.

Specialists by Type of Cancer
Skin Cancer
Gynecologic Cancer
Head and neck Cancer
Blood Cancer
Cancer of the nervous system
Bone cancer
Pediatric cancer

Specialists by Treatment
Stem Cell Transplantation
Radiation Therapy
Spine Surgery
Thoracic Cancer Surgery (lungs and esophagus)
Urologic Surgery (prostate and kidneys)

Specialists by Service
Genetic Testing
Palliative Medicine
Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery
Thrombosis Clinic (blood clot prevention)

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