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Australia welcomes Gaza ceasefire as 'marvelous'

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) -- Australia's prime minister has welcomed a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas as "a marvelous humanitarian thing." More>>

FAA places new restrictions on flights over Iraq

The Federal Aviation Administration is restricting U.S. airlines from flying at or below 30,000 feet over Iraq because of what it calls "the potentially hazardous situation created by the armed conflict" there. More>>

Judge won't free Russian accused of hacking in US

 A federal judge in the U.S. territory of Guam has denied a motion to release a Russian man accused of hacking computers inside hundreds of U.S. businesses. More>>

Power gradually being restored in Colombia city

 Authorities in Colombia say electricity is gradually being restored in the port city of Buenaventura, which was blacked out Monday night when suspected rebels blew up a transmission tower. More>>

Officials: US citizen killed by bandits in Haiti

 U.S. officials say an American citizen of Haitian descent was killed by armed robbers shortly after arriving in her Caribbean homeland to visit relatives. More>>

Australia welcomes Gaza ceasefire as 'marvelous'

 Australia's prime minister has welcomed a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas as "a marvelous humanitarian thing." More>>

Paris riot police deployed for pro-Israel rally

 Hundreds of riot police in Paris have been deployed near the Israeli Embassy for the first major pro-Israel rally since the start of the latest Gaza war. More>>

French experts in Burkina Faso to ID victims

A presidential aide says two French experts are in Burkina Faso to collect DNA samples from the relatives who lost family members in the Air Algerie plane crash. More>>

Travel ban for Sierra Leone players over Ebola

 The Sierra Leone soccer team has been banned from traveling to the Seychelles for an African Cup of Nations qualifier because of fears over the deadly Ebola virus. More>>

Snowden's asylum status in Russia ending

 Edward Snowden's temporary asylum status in Russia will expire at midnight Thursday, but the former U.S. National Security Agency systems administrator appears set to stay on until authorities decide on his application for an extension. More>>

Norway calls off terror alert, says threat gone

 Norway's intelligence service says the Scandinavian country no longer faces an imminent terror threat from people with links to Islamic fighters in Syria. More>>

French forces arrest Mali jihadist ex-leader

 Authorities in northern Mali say a former jihadist leader in the town of Gao has been arrested by French military forces. More>>

US launches charm offensive against wary India

 Two senior U.S. officials are wrapping up a dayslong visit to India to pitch a fresh start in a strained partnership with the new government in New Delhi. More>>

Canada man accused in killings fit to stand trial

 A man charged with fatally shooting three Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers and wounding two others in June has been found fit to stand trial. More>>

Dutch retrieve DNA of some Ukraine crash victims

 The head of the Dutch-led international team investigating the Malaysian Airline Flight 17 disaster says his group has retrieved additional DNA samples from 25 victims at a mortuary in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. More>>

Israeli reservists will relieve Gaza troops

 An Israeli defense official says the 16,000 additional reservists who are being called up will provide relief for troops who are currently fighting in Gaza. But Israeli officials have said they don't rule out expanding the Gaza operation in the coming days. More>>

Investigators say they reach Ukraine crash site

An international team of investigators in eastern Ukraine has for the first time reached the crash site of the Malaysia Airline Flight 17. More>>

White House: UN school shelling 'indefensible'

The White House says there is little doubt Israeli artillery hit a United Nations school in Gaza and is casting the shelling as "totally unacceptable and totally indefensible." More>>

EU identifies 5 Russian banks it is sanctioning

The European Union has revealed the names of five Russian banks it is sanctioning over what the 28-nation bloc decries as Moscow's meddling in Ukraine. More>>

Israel vows to destroy Hamas tunnels

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the military will dismantle the Hamas tunnel network in the Gaza Strip "with or without a cease-fire." More>>

Ukrainian parliament votes to keep PM Yatsenyuk

 Ukraine's parliament has voted not to accept the resignation of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. More>>

Turkish women protest deputy PMs no laughter quip

 Women in Turkey have taken to social media to protest against comments by the country's deputy prime minister that "women should not laugh aloud in public." More>>

3 long-time Putin cronies hit with EU sanctions

 An official European Union document shows three long-time Putin cronies are among eight people who have been hit with new EU sanctions. More>>

UN chief condemns attack on UN school in Gaza

 The U.N.'s secretary-general says today's attack on a U.N. school in Gaza, killing at least 17 people, was "outrageous" and "unjustifiable." And Ban Ki-moon is demanding an immediate humanitarian cease-fire in the war between Israel and Hamas. More>>

Liberia's president closes schools amid Ebola

 Liberia's president is closing the nation's schools and ordering non-essential government employees to stay home as the country battles an Ebola outbreak. More>>

Tunisia army chief resigns after soldier deaths

 Tunisia's Defense Ministry says the army chief of staff has resigned, citing personal reasons, following a deadly attack by militants against Tunisian soldiers. More>>

Bolivia to require visas for Israeli travelers

 Bolivia's leftist president has declared Israel a "terrorist state" because of its offensive in the Gaza Strip, and his government will now require Israeli citizens to obtain a visa to visit the Andean nation. More>>

32 nations back Judaism's Yom Kippur as UN holiday

 Thirty-two countries have written to a U.N. General Assembly committee asking the United Nations to recognize Judaism's holiest day, Yom Kippur, as an official holiday. More>>

Pyeongchang's organizers elects new president

 The organizing committee for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang says South Korea's Hanjin Group chairman Cho Yang-ho has been elected as president. More>>

Australians leaders differ on Russian role in war

 Australia's prime minister and foreign minister have sent mixed messages on whether Russia is frustrating Dutch and Australian police efforts to retrieve the bodies of victims of the Malaysian airliner disaster in war-torn east Ukraine. More>>

At least 17 die in Gaza school attack

 Shelling of a school crowded with refugees in Gaza early Wednesday killed at least 17 people and wounded 90 more, according to Palestinian health officials. More>>

Shelling of UN school kills 15 as Gaza war rages

Israeli tank shells slammed into a crowded U.N. school Wednesday sheltering Gazans displaced by fighting, killing 15 and wounding 90 after tearing through the walls of two classrooms, a spokesman for a U.N. aid agency and a health official said. More>>

Lavrov and Kerry talk about Cold war-era arms deal

 Russia's Foreign Ministry says the chief diplomats from Russia and the United States have discussed the situation in Ukraine and the fulfillment of a Cold War-era arms control deal that the U.S. has accused Russia of violating. More>>

Elegant Louvre Garden in Paris infested with rats

 Rats are on the rampage in the elegant garden of the Louvre Museum, so bold they romp onto the grass in broad daylight, defying sanitation workers and scaring tourists visiting the site. More>>

Activists: Syrian rebels detonate tunnels, kill 13

 Syrian activists say insurgents fighting to oust President Bashar Assad have detonated bomb-packed tunnels under buildings in the northern city of Aleppo, killing at least 13 pro-government troops. More>>

Official: Venezuela tried to pressure Aruba

 The top prosecutor of Aruba says Venezuela ratcheted up various types of pressure on Aruba and the Dutch government to free a former Venezuelan general who was detained on U.S. drug charges. More>>

Officials blame Colombia power outage on rebels

 Colombian officials are blaming rebels for a power outage at the country's main port of Buenaventura. More>>

Canada: Chinese hackers infiltrated government org

The Canadian government says Chinese hackers have infiltrated the computer systems of the country's top research and development organization. More>>

Top Sierra Leone doctor dies of Ebola

 Authorities say the top doctor treating Ebola in Sierra Leone has died from the disease. More>>

Investigators still can't reach plane site

 For another day, fighting in eastern Ukraine has again kept international investigators from reaching the debris of the Malaysia Airlines jet that was shot down. More>>

Heaviest-yet Israeli bombardment kills at least 100, knocks out power plant

 In the three weeks of war with Israel, residents of Gaza hadn't seen the kind of bombardment that Israel unleashed today. More>>

Heavy gunfire in Libyan capital

 Libya's capital is seeing its worst violence since the country's civil war three years ago. More>>

Admiral: World getting 'numb' to NKorean missiles

The admiral in charge of U.S. forces in the Pacific says North Korea may be lulling the world into largely accepting its advances in missile technology. More>>

Brazil's leader calls Gaza conflict 'a massacre'

Brazil's president is calling Israel's conflict with Hamas "a massacre." More>>

Teens: We were told to stay on sinking Korean ship

South Korean students who survived April's deadly ferry disaster say they were repeatedly ordered by loudspeaker to stay in the sinking ship but eventually helped each other flee after their cabins were flooded too much.

France offers asylum to Christians of north Iraq

 Malta's prime minister says the Maltese oil company worker who was kidnapped by Libyan rebels on July 17 has been released. More>>

Ukrainian PM urges vote to pay for war

 Ukraine's prime minister says parliament needs to come up with more money to pay the mounting costs from the war against pro-Russian separatists and to rebuild infrastructure shattered by the fighting. More>>

US official fume as Venezuelan general slips grasp

 US officials are saying Venezuela may have used threats to obtain the freedom of a former general detained in Aruba at the request of the American government. More>>

New Spain king moves to clean up palace's image

 Spain's new King Felipe VI has ordered the palace's accounts to be audited externally and the results made public, in an apparent bid to clean up the royal family's tarnished image. More>>

Rebels: C. African Republic ceasefire 'broken'

 A spokesman for the mostly Muslim Seleka rebel group in Central African Republic says a ceasefire has been "broken" after its fighters came under attack from the mostly Christian anti-Balaka militia. More>>

Papal first: Francis visits Pentecostal church

 Pope Francis has become the first pope to visit a Pentecostal church, pressing his outreach to evangelicals who represent Catholicism's greatest competition for Christian souls around the globe. More>>

Poland, Britain call for more sanctions on Russia

 The foreign ministers of Poland and Britain have called for more economic sanctions on Russia, saying it is responsible for the downing of the Malaysia Airlines passenger jet over eastern Ukraine this month. More>>

UN rights chief: Flight 17 possible war crime

 The downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 may be a war crime, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said Monday. More>>

Syrian army casualties surge, raising death toll

 According to opposition activists in Syria, more than 2,000 Syrians have been killed in just over two weeks of fighting -- and almost half of them were pro-government forces. More>>

Bolivian president seeks votes in the bedroom

 As night falls and Bolivian couples slip between the sheets, pillow talk turns, naturally, to economic policy. More>>

Israel military: 9 soldiers killed in Gaza attacks

 The Israeli military says nine soldiers have been killed in separate attacks in ongoing Gaza fighting. More>>

Malta oil worker kidnapped in Libya released

 Malta's prime minister says the Maltese oil company worker who was kidnapped by Libyan rebels on July 17 has been released. More>>

US meat supplier in China withdraws products

OSI Group, an Aurora, Illinois-based company at the center of a food scandal in China, said that it was pulling all of the products produced by its Shanghai Husi unit from the marketplace. More>>

Israel acknowledges mortar shell hit UN school

Israel's military has acknowledged firing a mortar shell that hit the courtyard of a U.N. school in Gaza, but says the yard was empty at the time and that the shell could not have killed anyone. More>>

War crimes commission takes aim at Islamic State

UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The head of an independent commission on Syrian war crimes says commanders of the Islamic State extremist group are "good candidates" to be put on a confidential list of alleged perpetrators who should be brought to justice. More>>

Four Palestinians killed during West Bank protests

 Palestinian hospital officials say four Palestinians have been killed during West Bank protests against Israel's military operation in the Gaza Strip. More>>

Top German court rejects suit on Eichmann files

 Germany's highest court has rejected a newspaper's suit against a ruling that the country's foreign intelligence service can keep parts of its files on Adolf Eichmann, known as the architect of the Holocaust, secret. More>>

Oil company worker from Malta is abducted in Libya

 Malta's foreign ministry says a Maltese man who works for an oil company in Libya has been kidnapped by rebels on the outskirts of Tripoli. More>>

Hezbollah leader vows to support Gazans

 The leader of Lebanon's Hezbollah group has vowed to support Palestinian militants battling Israeli troops in Gaza. More>>

US fighter jets escort plane back to Toronto

 Two U.S. F16 fighter jets have escorted a plane bound for Panama City back to Toronto's Pearson Airport. The airline says the plane turned around after a passenger threatened the aircraft. More>>

Venezuela official seeks immunity in Aruba ruling

 A judge in Aruba is expected to rule today whether the highest-ranking Venezuelan official ever arrested on a U.S. warrant will remain in jail pending an extradition request. More>>

Afghan Taliban leader warns against pact with US

The Taliban's reclusive leader is warning that a bilateral security pact allowing foreign troops to stay in Afghanistan beyond the end of this year will mean more fighting. In a blow to hopes for peace talks, Mullah Mohammad Omar said Friday in an emailed message that the Islamic militant movement won't end its war until the last foreigner leaves. More>>

French investigators head to Mali crash site

 French investigators are due to arrive tomorrow at the scene of a plane crash in the northwest African country of Mali. In the meantime, more than 200 troops are guarding the site, in a desolate and restive region of the country. More>>

Nigeria confirms first Ebola death

 Nigerian officials say a Liberian man died of Ebola in a Lagos hospital Friday after arriving in the country on Tuesday. It is the first case of Ebola to be confirmed in Nigeria since the current outbreak began in West Africa earlier this year. More>>

Russia: McDonald's food has 'too many calories'

 Russia's consumer protection agency has filed a suit against McDonald's for allegedly selling food that does not meet legal standards. More>>

Kerry says no deal yet for 7-day truce in Gaza

 Israel's defense minister says Israel may soon broaden its ground operation in the Gaza Strip significantly. More>>

Ukrainian president: Confidence vote Thursday

 Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko says the government of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk will face a vote of confidence in a special session of Parliament next week. More>>

France to host meeting on Gaza cease-fire talks

 More than a half-dozen foreign ministers including U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will hold a meeting in France to press for a cease-fire in Gaza. More>>

Queen Elizabeth photobombs selfie Video included

The Queen of England photobombed a selfie taken by two members of the Australian Women's Hockey Team. More>>

Dutch sending unarmed police to Ukraine crash site

 The Dutch prime minister says he is sending 40 unarmed military police to eastern Ukraine as part of a ramped-up effort to find the last victims of the downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 still at the wreckage site. More>>

Uruguay leader thirsty for Paraguay's yerba mate

 Paraguayan yerba mate producers say Uruguay's president is thirsty for more of the traditional tea for his country and is asking them to fill the need at a lower price. More>>

3 charged in Nicaragua bus attacks that killed 5

 Nicaragua's top prosecutor says three men have been charged with murder and organized crime involving weekend attacks on two buses carrying supporters of the Central American country's governing party. Five people were killed and 28 wounded. More>>

Trinidad pair cleared of caging protected animals

 A judge in Trinidad & Tobago has angered environmentalists by dismissing charges against a couple who were found with 55 protected animals caged at their home amid a no-trapping, no-hunting moratorium in the Caribbean nation. More>>

6 to stand trial in group home case in Mexico

 A Mexican judge has ordered six employees of a group home raided amid charges of abuse and filthy conditions to stand trial. More>>

UN urges quick implementation of CAR cease-fire

 The U.N. Security Council is welcoming the signing of a cease-fire agreement between armed groups in the Central African Republic and calling on all parties to immediately implement it. More>>

Witness: Teen's plane didn't show obvious distress

 A man who saw a plane flown by a teen killed during an around-the-world flight says the aircraft was flying low but didn't show any obvious signs of distress before diving into the ocean. More>>

Australian reporter imprisoned in Egypt to appeal

 An Australian Al-Jazeera journalist will appeal his conviction on charges that he aided Egypt's outlawed Muslim Brortherhood. More>>

S.Korea lab fails to find out how ferry owner died

 South Korea's state-run forensic lab says it has failed to find out how a fugitive billionaire blamed for April's ferry disaster died. More>>

Chicken off McDonald's HK menu after food scandal

 McDonald's restaurants in Hong Kong have taken chicken nuggets and chicken burgers off the menu after a mainland Chinese supplier was accused of selling expired meat. More>>

Obama: FAA took 'prudent action' on Israel flights

President Barack Obama says the Federal Aviation Administration took "prudent action" in temporarily banning U.S. flights in and out of Israel. More>>

Burkina official: Plane wreckage found in Mali

A Burkina Faso official says the wreckage of the Air Algerie plane that went missing has been found in Mali. More>>

UN urges quick implementation of CAR cease-fire

The U.N. Security Council is welcoming the signing of a cease-fire agreement between armed groups in the Central African Republic and calling on all parties to immediately implement it. More>>

French minister: Missing plane 'probably crashed'

France's foreign minister says the Air Algerie flight that has gone missing over Mali has "probably crashed. More>>

Israeli fire hits UN facility in Gaza, killing 15

Israeli tank shells hit a compound housing a U.N. school in the northern Gaza Strip on Thursday, killing at least 15 people and wounding dozens who were seeking shelter from fierce clashes on the streets outside. More>>

GOP senators demand say on Iran nuclear deal

Republican senators are insisting that the House and Senate sign off on any potential nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers or else sanctions on Tehran that had been temporarily lifted could kick back in. More>>

Thousands attend tense pro-Gaza march in Paris

 Days after two banned pro-Gaza protests degenerated into violence, thousands of demonstrators were marching through Paris under the eye of hundreds of riot police, this time in a legal protest. More>>

Sierra Leone doctor fighting Ebola catches disease

 Sierra Leone's health minister confirms that the doctor in charge of battling the current Ebola outbreak has himself become ill with the deadly disease. More>>

Bloomberg lands in Israel in show of support

 Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has landed in Israel, despite a U.S. ban on flying there amid rocket fire during the war in Gaza. More>>

Central African Republic's rebels sign cease-fire

Representatives of the Muslim and Christian factions battling in Central African Republic have signed a cease-fire agreement in Brazzaville, capital of neighboring Republic of Congo.

Hamas calls for end to blockade of Gaza border

 Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal is calling for the opening of Gaza's borders and the end of a more than seven-year-long blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt on the Palestinian strip. More>>

Canadian man faces terror charge

 A Canadian man has been charged under a new anti-terrorism law for allegedly leaving the country to join Islamist fighters in Syria. More>>

UN chief 'alarmed' at rockets put at UN Gaza site

 The U.N. secretary-general says he is "alarmed" to hear that rockets were placed in a U.N.-run school in Gaza and that "subsequently these have gone missing." More>>

Quebec police try to prevent auction of locomotive

 Quebec provincial police say they've taken steps to prevent the U.S. auction of the locomotive from the runaway oil train that derailed and exploded in the town of Lac-Megantic, killing 47 people. More>>

Jailed Venezuelan opposition leader goes on trial

 A top leader of the anti-government protests that wracked Venezuela for months this spring is getting his day in court. More>>

Jamaica police arrest 41 suspected scammers

 Police in Jamaica say they have detained more than three dozen people as suspected lottery scammers. More>>

Puerto Rico to pay for chikungunya virus testing

 Puerto Rico's health department is paying for laboratory tests that determine whether someone has the chikungunya virus amid an epidemic in the U.S. territory. More>>

Iraq: al-Maliki rejects Iran's urging to step down

 Senior Shiite politicians say Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki rejected an attempt by top ally Iran to persuade him to step down, underlining his determination to push for a third term in office. More>>

Malaysia jet victims' bodies arrive in Netherlands Video included

Two military transport planes carrying 40 coffins bearing victims of the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 have landed in the southern city of Eindhoven. More>>

Report: Plane crashes in Taiwan, killing 51 people

Taiwan's Central News Agency says a plane has crashed in a failed emergency landing, killing 51 people. More>>

Crash scene still not secure

 Although the remains of victims from the downed Malaysia Airlines jetliner are on their way to the Netherlands, and the black box recorders are being turned over to the airline, similar progress isn't being seen at the crash site itself. More>>

European agency urges airlines to avoid Tel Aviv

 The European Aviation Safety Agency says it "strongly recommends" that airlines refrain from operating flights to and from Tel Aviv. More>>

Nigerian president meets with parents of abducted girls

 Nigeria's president has met today for the first time with parents of 219 kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls, and with dozens of their classmates who managed to escape from Islamic extremists. More>>

Israel tells airlines not to cancel flights

 Israeli officials are urging foreign airlines to reverse their decision to cancel flights into Israel's main airport. More>>

Puerto Rico police probe deaths of 16 cats, dogs

 Police in Puerto Rico have launched an investigation into the deaths of at least 16 cats and dogs found near a bridge where dozens of animals were thrown to their deaths seven years ago in a case that sparked international outrage. More>>

Qatar, Saudi rulers meet on Gaza cease-fire talks

 A senior Saudi official says Qatar's emir has flown to Saudi Arabia and met with King Abdullah to discuss cease-fire efforts to end the war in the Gaza Strip. More>>

Mexico's circuses caught up in animal rights spat

Mexico's "circus wars" are heating up, as a growing movement to ban circus animals meets growing anger from circus workers. More>>

At least 21 dead in Iraq checkpoint car bombing

 A suicide driver rammed his explosive-laden car into a police checkpoint at the entrance to Baghdad's Khazimiyah district killing 21 people, including seven policemen manning the post. More>>

US: No evidence of direct Russian link to plane Video included

Senior U.S. intelligence officials say they have no evidence of direct Russian government involvement in the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. More>>

FAA tells US airlines not to fly to Tel Aviv

The Federal Aviation Administration is telling U.S. airlines they are prohibited from flying to the Tel Aviv airport in Israel after a Hamas rocket exploded nearby. More>>

Clinton: US, Europe should get tough on Russia

Hillary Rodham Clinton says the U.S. and Europe should work together to develop tougher sanctions on Russia and says she backs President Barack Obama's calls for a thorough investigation into the passenger jet that was shot down last week over Ukraine. More>>

Bolivian president vows to expand coca crops

 Bolivian President Evo Morales has been re-elected head of the country's largest union of coca growers and promises to expand crops if he wins a third term as the nation's leader. More>>

Philippines: 17 rebels, 1 soldier dead in clashes

 A Philippine military official says 17 Muslim rebels from a breakaway faction and a soldier have died in renewed clashes. More>>

Artistic director of women's wear leaving Hermes

 Christophe Lemaire, the artistic director of Hermes women's ready-to-wear line, is parting ways with the luxury house after four years. More>>

Protesters denounce Israel at embassy in Cyprus

 Several hundred pro-Palestinian protesters have demanded a halt to military action in Gaza during a peaceful protest near the Israeli embassy in the Cypriot capital. More>>

Romania: president blames Russia for downing plane

 Romania's president says Russia is acting as a "partner for terrorists" in eastern Ukraine and responsible for the downing of a Malaysian jetliner. More>>

Kuwait strips citizenship of 5 opposition figures

 Kuwait has stripped five well-known opposition figures of their citizenship, including the owner of a newspaper and television station. More>>

Bolivian president vows to expand coca crops

 Bolivian President Evo Morales has been re-elected head of the country's largest union of coca growers and promises to expand crops if he wins a third term as the nation's leader. More>>

UN passes resolution calling for plane crash probe

 The U.N. Security Council has unanimously approved an Australia-proposed resolution calling for an international investigation into the Malaysian plane downed over eastern Ukraine and an end to military activities around the site. More>>

Islamic militants kill 2 tribal leaders in Egypt

 Security officials in Egypt say suspected Islamic militants have gunned down two tribal leaders in the restive northern region of the Sinai Peninsula over their alleged connection to authorities. More>>

Kerry arrives in Cairo in search for Mideast peace

 Secretary of State John Kerry has arrived in Cairo to push for a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. More>>

More deaths on both sides, as peace effort continues

 As top diplomats from the United States and the U.N. try to work out a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, the top Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip is signaling that his group won't agree to an unconditional truce. More>>

Officials: Pot haul seized on Caribbean cargo ship

 U.S. authorities say they have seized a haul of marijuana from a Guyana-flagged cargo ship in the Caribbean south of Puerto Rico. More>>

US blasts Russia despite support for crash probe

 The United States is blasting Moscow for its support of separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine where the Malaysia Airlines plane went down, while welcoming Russia's support of a U.N. resolution calling for an investigation of the crash site. More>>

Officials find 5 bodies in northern Mexico pits

 Authorities in the northern Mexico state of Sinaloa say they have the found the bodies of five men in a clandestine burial site. More>>

US to send $47M in humanitarian aid to Gaza Strip

 The U.S. is sending $47 million in humanitarian aid to the besieged Gaza Strip to help tens of thousands of Palestinians there who have been forced from their homes since war broke out two weeks ago. More>>

Official: Turkish soldier killed in clash

 An official says Turkish soldiers have clashed with a group of suspected smugglers on the Turkish-Syrian border. One soldier was killed and two others were wounded. More>>

Train with plane crash bodies leaves rebel town

A refrigerated train bearing the bodies of many of the 298 people killed in the Malaysia Airlines plane disaster has pulled away from a rebel-held town in eastern Ukraine. More>>

UPDATE: Obama calls for immediate access to crash site

President Barack Obama will speak about the downed plane in Ukraine from the White House Monday morning. More>>

Many killed as extremists attack Nigerian town

 Survivors say Boko Haram gunmen invaded a northeastern Nigerian town just 85 kilometers  (53 miles)from Maiduguri city before dawn, killing many villagers and setting homes ablaze. More>>

Reports: 100 killed in seizure of Syria gas field

 Activists say some 100 soldiers, guards and employees were killed when jihadis seized a gas field in central Syria on Thursday. More>>

Fidel Castro: Ukraine to blame for downed airliner

 Retired Cuban leader Fidel Castro is blaming the Ukrainian government in Kiev for the downing of a Malaysian Airlines passenger plane. More>>

UK court orders 'Glee' name change in legal row

 Glum news for "Glee" -- Britain's High Court says the musical TV show must change its name because it breaches the trademark of a chain of comedy clubs. More>>

Coroner clears travel firm in polar bear mauling

 A British coroner has cleared a travel company of blame in the fatal mauling of a teen by a polar bear during an Arctic expedition. More>>

Electrolux posts Q2 loss on restructuring costs

 Swedish home appliance maker Electrolux has posted a second-quarter net loss of 92 million ($13.5 million) kronor, citing large restructuring charges, but says demand in Europe and the United States is picking up. More>>

UPDATE: What's known 1 day after Ukraine crash

BRUSSELS (AP) -- One day after the crash of a Malaysian jetliner carrying 298 people in eastern Ukraine, here's what is known, and what has been claimed:


Palestinians threaten legal action against Israel

 The Palestinian U.N. ambassador is threatening to go to U.N. and international courts which would likely include the International Criminal Court if the Security Council doesn't act to protect Palestinian civilians from Israeli attack and end the conflict in Gaza. More>>

Rebel suggests Malaysia plane victims long dead

 A top pro-Russia rebel commander in eastern Ukraine has given a version of events surrounding the Malaysian jetliner crash -- suggesting many of the victims may have died days before the plane took off. More>>

Obama opens Eastern Seaboard to oil exploration

A decision by the Obama administration is going to be welcomed by the oil industry, but not by environmentalists. More>>

UN chief Ban heading to Mideast in Gaza peace bid

 A U.N. official says Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will leave Saturday for the Middle East to help mediate the conflict in Gaza between Israel and Hamas. More>>

Nigeria seeks to borrow $1 billion for military

 Nigeria's president says he wants to borrow $1 billion from abroad for equipment and training for the military fighting an Islamic insurgency. More>>

UN chief names de ap to be Syria point man

 U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has officially named veteran Italian-Swedish diplomat Staffan de Mistura to be the new U.N. point man on Syria, with a mandate to try to end the conflict now in its fourth year. More>>

Iraq says 'terrorists' seize chemical weapons site

 Iraq has informed the United Nations that the Islamic State extremist group has taken control of a vast former chemical weapons facility northwest of Baghdad where 2,500 chemical rockets filled with the deadly nerve agent sarin or their remnants were stored along with other chemical warfare agents. More>>

11 Honduran miners trapped in small gold mine

 Rescue workers using picks and shovels are clearing rubble as they try to reach 11 miners trapped since Wednesday inside a wildcat gold mine in southern Honduras. More>>

8 of Honduran miners rescued from small gold mine

 A Honduran official says eight miners have been rescued from a small gold mine while three remain trapped. More>>

Lawyers: Ex-Ivory Coast leader eager for trial

Lawyers for Ivory Coast's former president say their client is eager to stand trial on charges of crimes against humanity so those truly responsible for his country's crisis will be brought to justice. More>>

Aid, recovery workers targeted in southern Mexico

Prosecutors in Mexico's southern Guerrero state say drug gang members were responsible for the killing of three government aid workers whose beaten bodies were found in a clandestine burial site.

Greece's first public revenues chief steps down

Greece's first public revenues chief, whose job was created in 2012 at the insistence of bailout creditors, has stepped down citing "personal grounds," the country's finance ministry says.

Egypt's government levies $25 tax on tourists

An Egyptian airport official says authorities have levied a new airport tax on tourists leaving the country, a move that has been criticized as being a further deterrent for vacationers considering the country as a holiday destination. More>>

German Parliament extends Holocaust pensions

Germany's Parliament has unanimously approved a measure extending pension payments for thousands of elderly Jews who were forced to work for the Nazis in ghettos. More>>

Austria: Imam alleged to recruit Islamic fighters

An Islamic preacher has been arrested on suspicion of recruiting young Chechens living in Austria to fight for Islam in Syria. More>>

Witnesses: Boko Haram seizing villages in Nigeria

Witnesses report that militants from the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram (BOH'-koh hah-RAHM') are taking over villages in northeastern Nigeria, killing and terrorizing civilians and political leaders. More>>

3 officers killed, 2 injured in Canada shooting

Police say three officers have been shot dead and two others injured and they are searching for a suspect in the east coast Canadian province of New Brunswick. More>>

China says 29 arrested in anti-terror crackdown

China says 29 people have been arrested in what it calls an anti-terrorism crackdown in the northwestern region of Xinjiang following a series of deadly attacks blamed on Muslim extremists. More>>

Ax-hefting Dutch clown, friends punished for prank

A Dutch court has convicted three men of threatening behavior after one dressed up as a clown and chased unsuspecting cyclists with an ax. More>>

Moose disrupts handicraft class at Swedish school

Schoolchildren in western Sweden received a surprise visit during their handicraft class when a moose jumped through the window. More>>

Lebanon takes measures to stop Syrian refugees

Lebanon has begun implementing measures to stop the flow of Syrian refugees into the tiny country. More>>

Hospital: Released soldier Bergdahl is stable

A U.S. military hospital in Germany says Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is in "stable condition and receiving treatment for conditions requiring hospitalization" after arriving from Afghanistan and five years of captivity. More>>

Cuba agent: US-Afghan prisoner swap a precedent

A Cuban intelligence agent who spent years in jail in the United States says the exchange of five Taliban detainees for a U.S. Army sergeant held captive in Afghanistan could set a precedent for a similar swap with Cuba. More>>

France hosts dueling dinners for Obama, Putin

French President Francois Hollande certainly won't go hungry this Thursday night. He's dining twice -- first with U.S. President Barack Obama, then with Russian President Vladimir Putin. More>>

Mob torches Christian shops in Egypt ahead trial

A mob of angry Islamic extremists burned shops owned by Coptic Christians near the ancient city of Luxor on Monday, hours before a trial for a Coptic Christian accused of blasphemy, a security official said. More>>

Nigerian police ban protests over kidnapped girls

Nigerian police said Monday they have banned protests in the capital demanding that the government rescue more than 200 girls still held captive by Boko Haram militants. More>>

Thai army chief: elections could occur in 1 year

The head of the military junta that took control of Thailand in a coup last week says elections may not take place for more than a year because peace and reforms must be achieved first. More>>

Vandals deface Jewish graves in northern Greece

Greek authorities say vandals have attacked the Jewish cemetery of Thessaloniki, whose Jewish population was nearly wiped out during World War II. More>>

Clashes between rebels, tribesmen kill 12 in Yemen

Security officials and tribal leaders in Yemen say clashes between Shiite rebels and tribesmen backed by national army units have killed at least 12 people. More>>

Faux 'shaman' jailed for 10 years for fraud

A fraudulent faith healer who convinced victims she was a shaman and conned them out of almost 1 million pounds ($1.7 million) has been jailed for 10 years. More>>

Pakistan arrests 4 suspects in woman's stoning

Pakistani police said Friday that they have arrested four more people in connection with the killing of a pregnant woman who was beaten and stoned to death by her family for marrying without their permission. More>>

Thousands rally to support renegade Libya general

Several thousand Libyan protesters have taken to the streets for a second week to support a renegade general who launched an armed campaign against Islamist militias in the restive east of the country. More>>

Sudan won't install Iranian anti-aircraft missiles

Sudan's Foreign Ministry says the country won't install Iranian anti-aircraft missiles in the country after earlier exploring the idea following suspected Israeli airstrikes there in 2012. More>>

Magnate Carlos Slim opens aquarium in Mexico

Mexican magnate Carlos Slim has inaugurated a four-level, underground aquarium that is the biggest in Latin America, housing 3,000 animals belonging to 230 species. More>>

North Korea sentences S. Korean missionary to life

North Korea says it has sentenced a South Korean missionary to hard labor for life for allegedly trying to set up underground churches and spying. More>>

Hagel: China territorial claims destabilize region

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is warning an international security conference that the U.S. "will not look the other way" when nations such as China try to restrict navigation or ignore international rules and standards. More>>

6 US men detained in Honduras for weeks

The U.S. State Department has confirmed that six American men who were aboard a ship have been detained in Honduras since May 5. More>>

Indigenous groups demonstrate in Brazil's capital

Police say more than 300 indigenous people of different ethnic groups are rallying again in front of Brazil's Justice Ministry to protest against legislation that would reduce the size of some Indian reservations. More>>

Bulgarian ex-minister gets 4 years in jail

A former Bulgarian interior minister has been sentenced to four years in prison for obstructing an investigation against a senior police official. More>>

Liberian women protest for dead husbands' benefits

Dozens of women who claim their husbands were killed in Liberia's 14 years of conflict have staged a protest demanding the payment of their late husbands' benefits.

Truckloads of Thai soldiers block protest as junta bans all anti-coup demonstrations

More than 1,000 Thai troops and police have sealed off one of Bangkok's busiest intersections to prevent a planned protest, as authorities say they will no longer allow demonstrations against last week's military coup. More>>

Vatican: Israel, Palestine prayer meeting June 8

The Vatican says the prayer meeting at the Vatican with the pope and the Israeli and Palestinian presidents will take place on June 8. More>>

Iran reports its first death from MERS virus

Iran's official news agency is reporting the Islamic Republic has suffered its first fatality from the Middle Eastern respiratory virus. More>>

Pakistan: Slain woman's husband killed 1st wife

A senior police official in Pakistan says the husband of a woman stoned to death by her family earlier this week was arrested for killing his first wife, though the case against him was withdrawn. More>>

UN has record number of about 118,000 peacekeepers

The U.N. peacekeeping chief says a record number of about 118,000 peacekeepers are currently deployed in 16 missions around the world, and he's hoping that countries withdrawing their forces from Afghanistan will strengthen U.N. forces with their high-tech assets. More>>

Ex-Ecuadorean president calls charges political

Former Ecuadorean President Jamil Mahuad says an arrest warrant issued for him on corruption charges is unfounded political persecution. More>>

Quake rattles Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico

A 5.8-magnitude earthquake struck in the waters between the Dominican Republic and the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico on Wednesday, shaking buildings in both places. More>>

UN: Syria won't meet deadline to destroy chemicals

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has informed the U.N. Security Council that the June 30 deadline for totally eliminating Syria's chemical weapons will not be met. More>>

30 percent of world is now fat, no country immune

Almost a third of the world is now fat, and no country has been able to curb obesity rates in the last three decades, according to a new global analysis. More>>

Mexico vigilantes urge more 'self-defense' groups

Human rights activists and vigilante leaders who rose up to fight a drug cartel in western Mexico are urging Mexicans to form "self-defense" groups to demand public security and justice. More>>

Barrick reaches deal with Pascua-Lama detractors

Barrick Gold says it has reached an initial deal with an indigenous group in Chile that has opposed the blocked Pascua-Lama mine high in the Andes. More>>

Guyana has first cases of virus new to region

Guyana has reported its first cases of a mosquito-borne virus that has been rapidly spreading in the Caribbean. More>>

Pregnant woman stoned to death in Pakistan buried

The husband of a pregnant woman stoned to death in Pakistan says her family had to bury her before dawn over the gruesome injuries she suffered. More>>

Ukraine's new leader gets D-Day invite from France

The French president has invited the newly-elected Ukrainian leader to attend June 6 ceremonies marking the 70th anniversary of D-Day. More>>

Turnout low on extra day of voting

Voting has been extended for a third day in Egypt's presidential election, but few people are showing up at polling places. More>>

1 reported dead in shooting in Cape Town airport

South African media say one person has died in a shooting in Cape Town International Airport. More>>

GE chief woos French leader, seeking Alstom deal

The chief executive of General Electric is promising to create jobs in France and trying to charm the French president into backing a $17 billion GE buyout of manufacturer Alstom's energy operations. More>>

Al-Qaida foreign fighters expand its global reach

A U.N. sanctions committee says al-Qaida's recruitment of foreign fighters has expanded its global reach, which could lead to new pan-Arab and pan-European networks of extremists. More>>

Priest: 30 killed at Central African Rep. church

 A priest in Central African Republic says at least 30 people have been killed after suspected Muslim rebels attacked a church where Christians were seeking refuge. More>>

Venezuela implicates US envoy in opposition plot

Venezuela's government is implicating the U.S. ambassador to Colombia in a plot to destabilize President Nicolas Maduro's rule. More>>

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