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Britain raises terror threat level

Britain's Home Secretary Theresa May says the country has raised the terror threat level from substantial to severe, but says there is no specific threat. More>>

Senegal confirms its 1st case of Ebola

The Senegalese minister of health says the West African country has its first confirmed case of Ebola. More>>

UN Security Council meets on Ukraine crisis

The U.N. Security Council is preparing to meet in emergency session on the growing crisis in Ukraine. More>>

Hundreds mourn famed Egyptian rights advocate

 Hundreds of Egyptian activists, lawyers and other admirers are gathering to pay a final farewell to one of the country's leading civil rights advocates, a lawyer who represented Islamists, atheists and homosexuals and worked to hold Egypt's decades-old police state accountable for torture and abuse. More>>

Israel finds body where American went missing

 Israeli police say a body has been found in the same area where a U.S. religious student disappeared last week. More>>

Ukraine's leader urges country not to panic

 Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is calling on the country to resist giving into panic in the wake of Russian forces entering the country. More>>

Pope to honor dead on both sides of WWI next month

 Pope Francis will honor the dead from both sides of World War I during a visit next month to northern Italy that witnessed some of the decisive final battles of the conflict. More>>

Murder charges filed against Pakistan PM

 Pakistani police have registered allegations of abetting murder against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his brother over the June killing of 14 supporters of a cleric who is currently leading thousands of anti-government demonstrators in Islamabad. More>>

Docs: Ford made players roll in goose droppings

 Newly released documents say Toronto Mayor Rob Ford once made players on a high school football team roll in goose droppings. More>>

Egypt probes video showing police abuse

A senior Egyptian security official says authorities are probing allegations of police abuse after a video circulated online showing three policemen taunting a nearly naked corpse. More>>

UN: Islamic State group threatens Syria aid access

 A top U.N. aid official says the Islamic State group is taking violence against civilians in Syria "to a new level" and is threatening the cross-border humanitarian aid operations recently approved by the Security Council. More>>

Somalia asks UN court to set maritime boundary

 Somalia has asked the United Nations' highest court to determine the maritime boundary it shares in the Indian Ocean with east African neighbor Kenya. More>>

Pope removes key Benedict XVI protege

 Pope Francis has removed a key protege of Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI from the Vatican's liturgy office and sent him back to his native Spain. More>>

Egypt militants post beheading video

 An al-Qaida-inspired militant group in Egypt has posted an online video showing the beheading of four men in the Sinai Peninsula accused of spying for Israel, whose bodies were found earlier this month. More>>

Pakistan army chief to mediate political crisis

 Pakistan's military has stepped in to mediate between the government and opposition protesters who have camped out in the capital for two weeks demanding the resignation of the prime minister over alleged voting fraud. More>>

Dominican gov't slow to issue permits to migrants

 The Dominican Republic is approving the first residency and work permits for migrants under a new program that has drawn more than 115,000 applicants. More>>

Russia defends actions in Ukraine

 Russia's U.N. ambassador is defending his country's actions in Ukraine, saying the government there is "waging war against its own people." More>>

Jamaica agriculture minister dies in Florida

 Officials say a veteran Jamaican lawmaker who served as the island's agriculture and fisheries minister has died in Florida where he traveled to receive treatment for a back condition. More>>

Ranger in Africa's oldest park wounded by grenade

A ranger in Africa's oldest national park has been seriously wounded by a grenade during a confrontation with poachers. More>>

US warplanes bomb targets in northern Iraq

The U.S. military says fighter planes have conducted five airstrikes against Islamic State targets in northern Iraq. More>>

Uruguayans can now sign up to grow pot at home

People in Uruguay who want to grow marijuana legally can now register with the government to do so. More>>

US Coast Guard fires at Iranian boat in Gulf

 The U.S. Navy says a Coast Guard vessel has fired in self-defense on an Iranian boat in the Persian Gulf, and that no Americans were wounded in the encounter. More>>

Uruguayans can now sign up to grow pot at home

 People in Uruguay who want to grow marijuana legally can now register with the government to do so. More>>

Pioneering Egyptian civil rights lawyer dies at 63

 One of Egypt's most prominent civil rights lawyer and campaigner Ahmed Seif has died from complications of heart surgery. He was 63. More>>

Israeli leader declares victory in Gaza war

 Israel's prime minister has declared victory in the Gaza war against Hamas, saying a cease-fire deal gave nothing to the Islamic militant group. More>>

Libya's UN envoy warns of 'full-blown civil war'

Libya's ambassador to the United Nations is warning of "full-blown civil war" if the chaos and division in the North African country continue. More>>

Kenya rangers murder ivory poachers: report

 A rights group alleges that corrupt Kenyan wildlife rangers are killing poachers to cover up the officers' collusion with the gangs slaughtering the country's elephants. More>>

Cypriots protest proposed bank loan legislation

 Hundreds of Cypriots have staged a protest outside the presidential palace against proposed legislation aimed at helping the bailed-out country's beleaguered banks collect on bad loans.


EU to beef up border agency to deal with migrants

Italy has demanded the EU do more to help out, arguing that it shouldn't bear the burden alone since most migrants want to settle in northern Europe, not Italy. More>>

US official warns Ebola outbreak will get worse

A third top doctor has died from Ebola in Sierra Leone, a government official said Wednesday, as a leading American health official warned that the outbreak sweeping West Africa would get worse.

UN panel: Crimes against humanity spread in Syria

 A U.N. panel is finding evidence of crimes by both the Syrian government and by the Islamic State group that is fighting against government troops there. More>>

Uruguayans can now sign up to grow pot at home

 People in Uruguay who want to grow marijuana legally can now register with the government to do so. More>>

Hundreds gather to honor slain journalist Foley

Slain U.S. journalist James Foley is being remembered as a person committed to social justice and as a modest friend who deflected questions about himself. More>>

Australian mining lawmaker apologizes to China

 An Australian mining magnate turned lawmaker, Clive Palmer, has apologized to China over an extraordinary tirade on national television in which he accused the Chinese of shooting their own people and having no system of justice. More>>

Hurricane Marie weakens in Mexican Pacific

 Hurricane Marie has weakened to a Category 2 storm, but continues kicking up high swells along Mexico's northern Pacific coast and threatens to raise dangerous waves along the Southern California coast. More>>

China deploys armed drone to multinational drills

 China's air force says it deployed an armed drone to multinational anti-terrorism drills, underscoring its rapid progress in developing unmanned aerial vehicles. More>>

Car bombing kills at least 8 people in Baghdad

 Iraqi officials say a car bomb in a busy Shiite area in eastern Baghdad has killed at least eight people and wounded 26. More>>

Switzerland murder suspect arrested in New Zealand

 A man accused of murdering his girlfriend 14 years ago in Switzerland has been arrested in New Zealand. More>>

Australia announces $60M to fight radicalization

 The Australian government says it will spend 64 million Australian dollars ($60 million) on measures to counter violent extremism and radicalization as Islamic State continues to recruit foreign fighters to its ranks in Iraq and Syria. More>>

Top general: US needs more info on Islamic State

 The top U.S. military officer says the U.S. has some insights into the activities of Islamic State militants within Syria, but he declined to comment Tuesday on the Obama administration's move to conduct surveillance flights over that country. More>>

Algerian president fires his a top adviser

 Algeria's president on Tuesday dismissed one of his main advisers -- a former prime minister and powerful head of the ruling party -- and banned him from state service. More>>

Argentina says US-based BNY Mellon not welcome

 The Argentine government says it is revoking the operating license of a U.S. bank that has played a central role in the dispute that recently pushed the country into default. More>>

New cease-fire in effect

 A new, open-ended cease-fire is in effect between Israel and Hamas. More>>

Secret US-Russia talks on Ukraine held in Finland

 The Finnish Foreign Ministry says that the United States and Russia held secret talks over Ukraine in Finland in June. More>>

French gov't reshuffle expels dissident ministers

France has reshuffled its government to silence dissidents that had openly criticized Socialist President Francois Hollande's economic policy as he tries to pull the nation out of stagnation and steer it toward growth. More>>

Iran, Saudi diplomats hold rare talks

 Saudi Arabia's state news agency says the kingdom's foreign minister has met with an Iranian deputy foreign minister in the highest-level bilateral talks between the two Mideast powers since moderate Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's election last year. More>>

Italy recovers 24 bodies in deadliest refugee days

 Another 24 bodies were recovered Tuesday from an overturned fishing boat off Italy's southern coast as would-be refugees fleeing increasing instability in Libya saw their deadliest few days this year with more than 300 drowned. More>>

US giving extra $60M in military aid to Tunisia

 The U.S. has announced it will be giving Tunisia another $60 million in military aid next year. More>>

Putin and Poroshenko meet for bilateral talks

 The presidents of Russia and Ukraine are meeting for their first bilateral talks at a much-anticipated summit in Minsk, which many voiced hopes may help bring an end to fighting between Kiev's forces and pro-Russian separatists in east Ukraine. More>>

Algerian president fires a top adviser

 Algeria's president on Tuesday dismissed one of his main advisers -- a former prime minister and powerful head of the ruling party -- and banned him from state service. More>>

White House says no decision made on Syria intervention

 Syria says it's ready to help confront the rising threat from the Islamic State group. But Damascus is also warning the United States against carrying out airstrikes without its consent, saying any such attack would be considered an aggression. More>>

Leaders clash in final debate before Scotland vote

 Scotland's leading politician vied with Britain's former treasury chief in a heated televised debate Monday, making a final push to capture wavering voters three weeks ahead of a historic referendum on Scottish independence. More>>

Freed reporter's Dad praises son's noble cause

 The father of the American journalist freed by Islamic militants has praise for his son and others who venture into dangerous lands like Syria to "bear witness ... tell the truth about what's going on." More>>

Costa Rica police seize cocaine, $1.5 M in cash

 Costa Rican authorities say they have seized a small plane carrying $1.5 million in cash and 880 pounds (400 kilograms) of cocaine. Officials also detained four Costa Rican and two Mexican men. More>>

Mexico to increase surveillance of railroad lines

 A Mexican federal official says the government plans to improve railway surveillance and increase the speed of northbound trains in hopes of deterring Central American migrants from riding on top of freight cars. More>>

Defense rests in Blackwater trial

Four Blackwater security guards have rested their defense in the shootings that killed or wounded over 30 Iraqis seven years ago in Baghdad. More>>

Slovenia's parliament approves newcomer as premier

 Slovenia's parliament has approved political newcomer Miro Cerar as the crisis-stricken eurozone country's next prime minister. More>>

100 African migrants drown off Libyan coast

 An official with Libya's coast guard says at least 100 African migrants trying to reach Europe have drowned off the coast near the capital, Tripoli. More>>

Greek archaeologists enter large underground tomb

 Archaeologists excavating an ancient tomb under a massive burial mound in northern Greece have entered the underground structure, which appears to have been looted in antiquity. More>>

NKorea protests UN refusal of meeting on exercises

 North Korea is criticizing the U.N. Security Council for not accepting its latest request for an emergency session on U.S.-South Korean military exercises this month. More>>

Nigeria: Boko Haram claims it is Islamic Caliphate

 Boko Haram, the Islamic extremist group operating mainly in northeastern Nigeria, claims it has added the city of Gwoza to an Islamic state that it has established in northeastern Nigeria. More>>

Norwegian Muslims rally against Islamic militants

 Norway's prime minister and other politicians have joined Muslim leaders and thousands of other people for a demonstration in Oslo against radical Islamists. More>>

Yemen Shiite rebels harden their protest demands

 Yemen's Shiite rebel group has presented the government with new demands in order to stop their protests, hardening their positions and prolonging the standoff that has brought protest tents to the capital. More>>

Fire in Greece abates after threatening 4 villages

 Greek authorities have brought under partial control a large forest fire that threatened villages near a major archaeological site in the south of the country. More>>

Gaza attacks trigger Israeli exodus from border

 More Israelis today are leaving their homes along the border with the Gaza Strip. More>>

Ukrainian president dissolves parliament

 Ukraine's president on Monday dissolved parliament and called for early elections in October as his country continues to battle a pro-Russian insurgency in its eastern regions. More>>

Officials: 2 car bombs in Baghdad kills 15 people

 Iraqi police officials say two car bombs in a busy commercial district in Baghdad have killed at least 15 people and wounded another 21. More>>

Weapons convoys seen rolling in eastern Ukraine

 AP reporters say convoys of military weaponry and supplies have been coming from the direction of Russia into rebel-held Ukraine. More>>

Vatican: Ex-envoy can be tried by Dominican court

 The Vatican said Monday that its former ambassador to the Dominican Republic, accused of sexually abusing young boys in the Caribbean country, had lost his diplomatic immunity and could be tried by Dominican or other courts. More>>

Americans infected with Ebola to be released from hospital Video included

Two Americans who contracted Ebola will be released today from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, ABC News has learned. More>>

American killed in Syria a journalist at heart Video included

Journalist James Foley was captured once covering the uprising in Libya so he knew the risks when he went to Syria in 2012 to cover the escalating violence there. More>>

Obama to host UN summit on foreign fighters threat

UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The U.S. administration says that President Barack Obama will host a summit meeting of the U.N. Security Council next month to focus on the threat posed by foreign terrorist fighters. More>>

Obama: Iraq forces retake Mosul Dam from militants

Following dozens of U.S. airstrikes, Iraqi and Kurdish forces have recaptured Iraq's largest dam from the Islamist State group, handing the militants their first major defeat today since they swept across the country this summer. More>>

WikiLeaks founder says he'll leave embassy soon

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says he will be leaving the Ecuadorean Embassy in London soon -- but did not say when or explain his decision. More>>

Ebola centers fill faster than they can be opened

 The World Health Organization says beds in Ebola treatment centers in West Africa are filling up faster than they can be provided. More>>

2 killed in clashes at Islamist protest in Egypt

 An Egyptian security official says clashes between supporters and opponents of ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi have killed two people. More>>

Hungary: Sanctions on Russia more damaging to West

Hungary's prime minister says the West is "shooting itself in the foot" with economic sanctions against Russia. More>>

2 deaths overshadow end of Chess Olympiad

 A major international chess tournament in northern Norway has ended on a grim note, with one player dying in the middle of a game and another found dead in a hotel room. More>>

Hamas negotiators in Qatar to discuss Israel truce

 Hamas negotiators are consulting with the militant group's leadership in Qatar on a proposal for a long-term truce with Israel. More>>

Iraq's PM-designate calls for unity

 Iraq's new prime minister-designate says he is committed to fighting corruption and uniting the Iraqi people in the face of terrorism. More>>

NATO boss says alliance observed Russian incursion

 NATO secretary-general Anders Fogh Rasmussen says the alliance has observed a Russian "incursion" into Ukraine, which Russia denies. More>>

Spain: Woman arrested with coke in breast implants

 Spanish police say they have arrested a woman who landed at Madrid's international airport with 1.7 kilos (3.7 pounds) of cocaine hidden in her breast implants. More>>

127 victims identified from Ukraine plane disaster

 Dutch authorities say they have identified 127 victims from the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 disaster in Ukraine. More>>

Iran: Nuclear deal by November deadline unlikely

Iran's foreign minister said Friday it is unlikely to reach a final nuclear accord with world powers by a November deadline. More>>

Car bomb kills at least 22 in southern Syria

 Acitivists say a car bomb has exploded outside a mosque in southern Syria, killing at least 22 people. More>>

Mexico fines Chinese trade center $555,000

 Mexican authorities have levied a $555,000 fine for environmental violations against a project to build a massive trade center south of Cancun to showcase Chinese products. More>>

Police: Submarine used for drugs found in Guyana

 Police in the South American country of Guyana say they have discovered a rudimentary submarine they believe was going to be used to ferry drugs across the Atlantic. More>>

AP video journalist mourned in Tuscan hometown

 Hundreds of mourners have packed the cathedral in this Tuscan hilltop town to remember Associated Press video journalist Simone Camilli, who was killed this week in the Gaza Strip. More>>

Iran: Nuclear deal by November deadline unlikely

 Iran's foreign minister said Friday that Tehran is unlikely to reach a final nuclear accord with world powers by a November deadline. More>>

Europeans offer to secure Gaza borders

 The European Union is offering to take charge of the border crossings in and out of Gaza, and to work to prevent illegal weapons shipments. The offer came as EU foreign ministers held an urgent meeting in Brussels about global conflicts. More>>

Migrant arrives in Uruguay thinking he got to US

 Uruguayan officials say a Nigerian man seeking to migrate to the United States wound up in the South American nation instead. More>>

UN approves measure to combat al-Qaida fighters

 The U.N. Security Council has unanimously approved a resolution imposing sanctions on six men for recruiting or financing foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria and demanding that all al-Qaida-linked groups disarm and disband immediately. More>>

Tens of thousands hold anti-PM rally in Pakistan

 Tens of thousands of anti-government protesters have gathered in Pakistan's capital Islamabad following the arrival of convoys led by a cricket star-turned-politician and a fiery anti-Taliban cleric. More>>

Boko Haram kidnaps 100 people; Chad forces frees most of them, security official says

 A Nigerian security official says the Boko Haram (BOH'-koh hah-RAHM') militant group kidnapped 100 people last weekend, but most were freed by security forces from neighboring Chad. More>>

Merkel to Putin: Halt flow of arms to Ukraine

 The German government says Chancellor Angela Merkel has pressed Russian President Vladimir Putin to end the flow of military goods and personnel into Ukraine ahead of a weekend meeting of foreign ministers aimed at easing tensions. More>>

No recording of crash that killed Brazil candidate

 Brazil's Air Force says the black box recovered from the wreckage of the plane crash that killed a presidential candidate does not contain a recording of the flight. More>>

White House looking into reports of Russian convoy

The White House is looking into what it calls unconfirmed reports that Ukraine's security forces have disabled vehicles in a Russian military convoy inside Ukraine. More>>

Humanitarian crisis easing in Iraq

U.S. officials say the humanitarian crisis in Iraq is easing. More>>

Obama authorizes airstrikes in Iraq Video included

 President Barack Obama says he's authorized the U.S. military to carry out airstrikes in Iraq against Islamic militants if they advance toward the city of Erbil. More>>

Canada: Chinese hackers infiltrated government org

The Canadian government says Chinese hackers have infiltrated the computer systems of the country's top research and development organization. More>>

Nigeria seeks to borrow $1 billion for military

 Nigeria's president says he wants to borrow $1 billion from abroad for equipment and training for the military fighting an Islamic insurgency. More>>

UN chief names de ap to be Syria point man

 U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has officially named veteran Italian-Swedish diplomat Staffan de Mistura to be the new U.N. point man on Syria, with a mandate to try to end the conflict now in its fourth year. More>>

Iraq says 'terrorists' seize chemical weapons site

 Iraq has informed the United Nations that the Islamic State extremist group has taken control of a vast former chemical weapons facility northwest of Baghdad where 2,500 chemical rockets filled with the deadly nerve agent sarin or their remnants were stored along with other chemical warfare agents. More>>

11 Honduran miners trapped in small gold mine

 Rescue workers using picks and shovels are clearing rubble as they try to reach 11 miners trapped since Wednesday inside a wildcat gold mine in southern Honduras. More>>

8 of Honduran miners rescued from small gold mine

 A Honduran official says eight miners have been rescued from a small gold mine while three remain trapped. More>>

Lawyers: Ex-Ivory Coast leader eager for trial

Lawyers for Ivory Coast's former president say their client is eager to stand trial on charges of crimes against humanity so those truly responsible for his country's crisis will be brought to justice. More>>

Aid, recovery workers targeted in southern Mexico

Prosecutors in Mexico's southern Guerrero state say drug gang members were responsible for the killing of three government aid workers whose beaten bodies were found in a clandestine burial site.

Greece's first public revenues chief steps down

Greece's first public revenues chief, whose job was created in 2012 at the insistence of bailout creditors, has stepped down citing "personal grounds," the country's finance ministry says.

Egypt's government levies $25 tax on tourists

An Egyptian airport official says authorities have levied a new airport tax on tourists leaving the country, a move that has been criticized as being a further deterrent for vacationers considering the country as a holiday destination. More>>

German Parliament extends Holocaust pensions

Germany's Parliament has unanimously approved a measure extending pension payments for thousands of elderly Jews who were forced to work for the Nazis in ghettos. More>>

Austria: Imam alleged to recruit Islamic fighters

An Islamic preacher has been arrested on suspicion of recruiting young Chechens living in Austria to fight for Islam in Syria. More>>

Witnesses: Boko Haram seizing villages in Nigeria

Witnesses report that militants from the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram (BOH'-koh hah-RAHM') are taking over villages in northeastern Nigeria, killing and terrorizing civilians and political leaders. More>>

3 officers killed, 2 injured in Canada shooting

Police say three officers have been shot dead and two others injured and they are searching for a suspect in the east coast Canadian province of New Brunswick. More>>

China says 29 arrested in anti-terror crackdown

China says 29 people have been arrested in what it calls an anti-terrorism crackdown in the northwestern region of Xinjiang following a series of deadly attacks blamed on Muslim extremists. More>>

Ax-hefting Dutch clown, friends punished for prank

A Dutch court has convicted three men of threatening behavior after one dressed up as a clown and chased unsuspecting cyclists with an ax. More>>

Moose disrupts handicraft class at Swedish school

Schoolchildren in western Sweden received a surprise visit during their handicraft class when a moose jumped through the window. More>>

Lebanon takes measures to stop Syrian refugees

Lebanon has begun implementing measures to stop the flow of Syrian refugees into the tiny country. More>>

Hospital: Released soldier Bergdahl is stable

A U.S. military hospital in Germany says Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is in "stable condition and receiving treatment for conditions requiring hospitalization" after arriving from Afghanistan and five years of captivity. More>>

Cuba agent: US-Afghan prisoner swap a precedent

A Cuban intelligence agent who spent years in jail in the United States says the exchange of five Taliban detainees for a U.S. Army sergeant held captive in Afghanistan could set a precedent for a similar swap with Cuba. More>>

France hosts dueling dinners for Obama, Putin

French President Francois Hollande certainly won't go hungry this Thursday night. He's dining twice -- first with U.S. President Barack Obama, then with Russian President Vladimir Putin. More>>

Mob torches Christian shops in Egypt ahead trial

A mob of angry Islamic extremists burned shops owned by Coptic Christians near the ancient city of Luxor on Monday, hours before a trial for a Coptic Christian accused of blasphemy, a security official said. More>>

Nigerian police ban protests over kidnapped girls

Nigerian police said Monday they have banned protests in the capital demanding that the government rescue more than 200 girls still held captive by Boko Haram militants. More>>

Thai army chief: elections could occur in 1 year

The head of the military junta that took control of Thailand in a coup last week says elections may not take place for more than a year because peace and reforms must be achieved first. More>>

Vandals deface Jewish graves in northern Greece

Greek authorities say vandals have attacked the Jewish cemetery of Thessaloniki, whose Jewish population was nearly wiped out during World War II. More>>

Clashes between rebels, tribesmen kill 12 in Yemen

Security officials and tribal leaders in Yemen say clashes between Shiite rebels and tribesmen backed by national army units have killed at least 12 people. More>>

Faux 'shaman' jailed for 10 years for fraud

A fraudulent faith healer who convinced victims she was a shaman and conned them out of almost 1 million pounds ($1.7 million) has been jailed for 10 years. More>>

Pakistan arrests 4 suspects in woman's stoning

Pakistani police said Friday that they have arrested four more people in connection with the killing of a pregnant woman who was beaten and stoned to death by her family for marrying without their permission. More>>

Thousands rally to support renegade Libya general

Several thousand Libyan protesters have taken to the streets for a second week to support a renegade general who launched an armed campaign against Islamist militias in the restive east of the country. More>>

Sudan won't install Iranian anti-aircraft missiles

Sudan's Foreign Ministry says the country won't install Iranian anti-aircraft missiles in the country after earlier exploring the idea following suspected Israeli airstrikes there in 2012. More>>

Magnate Carlos Slim opens aquarium in Mexico

Mexican magnate Carlos Slim has inaugurated a four-level, underground aquarium that is the biggest in Latin America, housing 3,000 animals belonging to 230 species. More>>

North Korea sentences S. Korean missionary to life

North Korea says it has sentenced a South Korean missionary to hard labor for life for allegedly trying to set up underground churches and spying. More>>

Hagel: China territorial claims destabilize region

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is warning an international security conference that the U.S. "will not look the other way" when nations such as China try to restrict navigation or ignore international rules and standards. More>>

6 US men detained in Honduras for weeks

The U.S. State Department has confirmed that six American men who were aboard a ship have been detained in Honduras since May 5. More>>

Indigenous groups demonstrate in Brazil's capital

Police say more than 300 indigenous people of different ethnic groups are rallying again in front of Brazil's Justice Ministry to protest against legislation that would reduce the size of some Indian reservations. More>>

Bulgarian ex-minister gets 4 years in jail

A former Bulgarian interior minister has been sentenced to four years in prison for obstructing an investigation against a senior police official. More>>

Liberian women protest for dead husbands' benefits

Dozens of women who claim their husbands were killed in Liberia's 14 years of conflict have staged a protest demanding the payment of their late husbands' benefits.

Truckloads of Thai soldiers block protest as junta bans all anti-coup demonstrations

More than 1,000 Thai troops and police have sealed off one of Bangkok's busiest intersections to prevent a planned protest, as authorities say they will no longer allow demonstrations against last week's military coup. More>>

Vatican: Israel, Palestine prayer meeting June 8

The Vatican says the prayer meeting at the Vatican with the pope and the Israeli and Palestinian presidents will take place on June 8. More>>

Iran reports its first death from MERS virus

Iran's official news agency is reporting the Islamic Republic has suffered its first fatality from the Middle Eastern respiratory virus. More>>

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