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Obama: Budget shrinks deficits and expands economy

President Barack Obama says his proposed $3.77 trillion budget for 2014 can shrink federal deficits and expand the U.S. economy. He says: "We can do both." More>>

FAA to delay 149 airport tower closures, including CWA

The Obama administration is delaying the closing of 149 airport control towers until mid-June in order to deal with legal challenges. More>>

Federal government closes DC offices as snow nears

The federal government says its offices in the Washington, D.C., area will be closed Wednesday as the nation's capital braces for its first big snowfall of the winter. More>>

Wisconsin awaiting budget cuts details

Even with massive federal spending cuts impending, Wisconsin officials say they need to know more before deciding how to deal with it. More>>

President Obama: We will get through cuts

A combative President Barack Obama blamed Republican lawmakers Friday for failing to stop automatic spending cuts that were to begin kicking in later in the day, calling the cuts "dumb, arbitrary." More>>

WI lawmakers react to sequester deadline

For weeks the sequester deadline has loomed with little progress in Washington. More>>

Federal prison guards fear for personal safety ahead of potential Sequester

The U.S. Department of Justice has notified federal prison employees of a furlough should Sequestration cuts go into effect. More>>

What is the sequester?

The sequester is a set of tax increases and spending cuts that will go into effect on Friday. That's unless democrats and republicans in Congress come to a compromise. More>>

Sequester Q&A: For US, a new season of uncertainty

Here comes the sequester: big federal spending cuts and a new season of economic uncertainty for a nation still trying to shake off a recession. More>>

White House details budget fallout amid blame game

The White House has detailed the potential fallout in each state from budget cuts set to take effect at week's end, while congressional Republicans and Democrats keep up the sniping over who's to blame. More>>

Walker downplays impact of federal cuts on Wisconsin

Gov. Scott Walker is downplaying the potential harm to Wisconsin's economy from the federal spending cuts set to take effect Friday, calling the across-the-board cuts bad policy but not economically crippling. More>>

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