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Officials confirm wasting disease in doe in Marinette County

Wisconsin agriculture officials have confirmed chronic wasting disease in a doe from a Marinette County breeding farm. 


U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin Secures Major Investment for Wisconsin Dairy Farmers

U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin announced that the bipartisan Senate budget agreement will include major investments to support the dairy industry, including more than $1 billion for the Dairy Margin Protection Program (MPP)


Red Door Family Farm uses hospitality, transparency to run their farm

Farms across Central Wisconsin deliver fresh organic produce weekly to various locations throughout the area. 


Conservationists, farmers to clash at wells hearing

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Conservationists and farmers are set to clash at a hearing on a new bill that would relax high-capacity well regulations. 


Transgender Kenosha teen's win not based on federal order

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- A lawyer for a transgender student in Wisconsin who won a lawsuit against his school says revocation of federal guidance related to bathroom use would not impact his case.


11 cows die when gravel truck smashes into rural Wausau barn

Facebook / Marathon Co. Sheriff's Office Facebook / Marathon Co. Sheriff's Office

Eleven cows died and a dump truck driver was hurt when the truck lost control and crashed into a barn full of cattle near Wausau, the Marathon County Sheriff's Department said Tuesday. 


Girls seriously injured when dogs attack

Two girls are recovering after they were attacked by two dogs in a Milwaukee suburb. 


What did you learn? - Agriculture report

UW-Extension's Heather Schlesser joins Newsline 9 at 11 each Thursday to discuss the latest from the agriculture industry. 


Food computer: how Caleb Harper inspires us to be future farmers

Caleb Harper's path to becoming a farmer has taken some detours along the way. 


California drought causing trees to die by the 'millions,' scientist says

The devastation the California drought has caused to conifer trees in the Sierra Nevadas over the last couple of years "is far greater than previously observed," NASA scientists said in announcement of the publication of new map of the region. 


Driver speeding down sidewalk sends pedestrians scattering

Authorities say a driver trying to make a getaway sped down a busy New York City sidewalk, hitting a 9-year-old boy. 


Mariner rescued in Pacific; 3 companions reportedly died

The U.S. Coast Guard says a Colombian mariner has been rescued after surviving a two-month ordeal in the southeastern Pacific, but his three companions reportedly died.


Two Central Wisconsin fire departments team up for a cause

WAUSAU (WAOW)---- February is American Heart Month and two groups in Central Wisconsin are celebrating this month by educating the community to help save others lives: Central Wisconsin CPR Challenge. 


60 goats killed in barn fire

Investigators are trying to determine what sparked a fire that killed 60 goats, destroyed a 50-year-old barn and injured a firefighter Tuesday morning.


Father, son stole $41K worth of wings from employer

Authorities say a father and son stole more than $40,000 worth of chicken wings from a New York restaurant where they worked and sold them on the street or to other businesses.


Pumpkins available for Halloween but maybe not Thanksgiving

Crop experts say there should be enough pumpkins for Halloween, but that supplies of canned pumpkin could be scarce by Thanksgiving.Illinois is the country's top pumpkin-producing state. More>>

Agricultural officials expect strong bean crop in Wisconsin

Wisconsin may have a reputation as a major producer of milk and cheese. More>>

Bears becoming a problem in Colorado neighborhood

We've heard of bears knocking over trash cans and snooping around garages for food, but in Colorado, it appears one bear was looking for a quick and hot meal to go. More>>

2 people from Illinois killed in Wisconsin SUV rollover

The Wisconsin State Patrol says two people from Rockford, Illinois, were killed and two others were injured in a rollover on Interstate 39 near Portage. More>>

Survey: Wisconsin farmland values dip in 2nd quarter of 2015

A survey from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago says the value of Wisconsin farmland in its district fell about 2 percent from April through June. More>>

Interest in drones soars at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days

Interest in drones soars at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days

The use of drones in the agriculture industry is attracting plenty of attention at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days. More>>

All bird flu quarantines lifted in Wisconsin

Wisconsin agriculture officials have lifted all quarantines imposed on poultry farms because of the bird flu. More>>

"Bruce the goose" relocated after being raised by humans in Wausau

A Canada goose is being rehabilitated at the Raptor Education Group in Antigo, after authorities believe it was raised by humans and abandoned, according to a post on the Wausau Police Department Facebook page. More>>

USDA expects to pay farmers $191 million for bird flu losses

The federal government expects to spend $191 million to pay chicken and turkey farmers for birds lost to avian flu. More>>

Cow found after missing for 2 years

A cow that was on the loose for two years is now back in its barn. More>>

Madison college students create algae-removal system

A system that clears up surface-level algae by slurping it away and depositing it into a dumpster will make its debut this summer in Madison lakes. More>>

Beekeepers who lost hives eligible for assistance

 Wisconsin beekeepers who sustained losses due to poor weather can get some help from the federal government. More>>

Bill would cut Minnesota farmers' property taxes

Rural lawmakers are aiming to cut farmers' property tax bills for construction projects. More>>

Food Fair on Thursday highlights local cuisine

STEVENS POINT (WAOW) - A food fair taking place Thursday celebrates food businesses and farmers with the main attraction being a potato bar, organizers say.


4-H members prepare for Wisconsin Valley Fair

Planning an event the size of Wisconsin Valley Fair is quite an undertaking. More>>

Cool summer weather could impact crop production

This recent blast of chilly weather is causing some concern on farms across north central Wisconsin. More>>

Wausau Ginseng business expands overseas

The ginseng plant has a big impact on the United States and Marathon County. More>>

Farmers experience a challenging crop season from rain

The weather has not been on Wisconsin farmers' good side. More>>

81-year-old strawberry farmer celebrates 50th anniversary

Most people hope to retire and relax when they're 81 years old, but one central Wisconsin farmer has no plans of slowing down. More>>

Elementary students learn about agriculture on the farm

The Spencer FFA taught third and fourth graders about agriculture by giving the students a hands-on experience. More>>

Spencer FFA kicks off day on the farm

The Spencer FFA is presenting farm and food safety presentations to elementary students today on a local farm. More>>

How to prepare for tick season

There are ways to stay safe from ticks this season. More>>

Ag interview: Meet new outreach health coordinator

Nina Poch, the new outreach health coordinator for the Rural Health Initiative in Marathon County, stopped by the Newsline 9 studio. More>>

Weekly agriculture interview: rental rates

Heather Schlesser from the UW-Extension Office in Marathon County talks about rental rates for farmers.

Ag interview: UW-Extension farm worker survey

According to the UW-Extension Office, more than 76,000 people work on farms in Wisconsin. Last year, the UW-Extension Office conducted a survey about those farm workers. More>>

AG interview: The cost of raising calves and heifers

Heather Schlesser from the Marathon County UW Extension Office talks about the cost of raising calves and heifers. More>>

AG interview: Tips for removing snow from barns

Heather Schlesser from the Marathon County UW Extension Office shares some tips for removing snow off barn roofs. More>>

AG Interview: rollover protection systems

Heather Schlesser joins Nate Barrett to talk about the importance of rollover protection systems for tractors. More>>

Ag interview: Ways to treat mastitis

Heather Schlesser from the Marathon County UW-Extension office joins Nate Barrett to talk about ways to treat mastitis. Mastitis is infection of the udder. More>>

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