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Polartec’s recycled Power Fill insulation helps save the environment

Polartec is a leader in the innovation of sustainable fabrics. Recently, the company unveiled 100 percent recycled Power Fill insulation -- upcycling more than 1 billion plastic bottles -- a bold, eco-friendly statement. More>>

In the future, potholes could be repaired by asphalt-printing drones

Driving on roads covered in potholes is no fun. Researchers from the U.K. think one solution might involve drones that fly to the site of an impending pothole and 3D print some new asphalt. More>>

You can run a thousand miles in Inov-8’s new graphene-infused shoes

Inov-8's new G-Series of running shoes infuse graphene into the design, making them so durable that they can now reportedly be worn for over 1,000 miles of running without wearing out or needing to be replaced. More>>

Luvmyhike is the app that helps you get in shape for adventure

Luvmyhike is a new fitness app designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts that offers a 12-week training program designed to improve their overall well being, making it easier to enjoy their hiking and camping adventures. More>>

Like a vice principal in the sky, this A.I. spots fights before they happen

Researchers from the U.K. and India have developed a new drone-based surveillance system, which uses A.I.-equipped drones as flying security cameras to identify violent incidents from the sky. More>>

2019 Chevrolet Blazer strays far from its rugged off-road roots

The 2019 Chevrolet Blazer revives a classic SUV name in a very different form. The new Blazer eschews off-road capability for car-like road manners and styling. Will SUV shoppers approve of the Blazer's transformation? More>>

Did a rogue Tesla worker try to sabotage Elon Musk’s electric-car company?

An email reportedly written by Tesla boss Elon Musk suggests the company recently found an employee working against its interests, tampering with a Tesla operating system and exporting sensitive data to unknown third parties. More>>

Car sharing: Car2go tootles into Chicago with an advantage over rival services

Car-sharing service Car2go is gearing up for a July launch in Chicago. There are rival car-sharing services in the Windy City, but Car2go claims to have one distinct advantage over them. More>>

Tesla to downsize solar panel production as part of wider job cuts

As part of a broader trend of layoffs within the company, Tesla will reportedly be closing more than a dozen of its solar panel facilities and ending its partnership with Home Depot. More>>

Going, going, gone! A rare Ferrari 250 GTO is set to break auction records

A rare original Ferrari GTO, one of the most sought-after collector cars in the world, is going up for auction in August. With a final price likely to exceed $50 million, it's likely to be the most expensive public sale in... More>>

MIT researchers develop a robot system controlled by brainwaves

What if you could watch a robot work and, with a simple hand movement, stop it before it made a mistake? That’s the promise of new research from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. More>>

Throw some shade at your living space with voice-controlled, self-tinting glass

Sage Electrochromics unveiled a prototype of its dynamic glass called SageGlass back in 2015, and its latest innovation comes in the form of an Amazon Echo compatibility. You can now control the glass with your voice. More>>

MTV wants to reboot the ‘90s with ‘Aeon Flux,’ ‘Daria,’ and ‘Made’

The newly launched MTV Studios is wasting no time developing original programming, drawing on hundreds of shows in the Viacom vault for inspiration. A live-action Aeon Flux and a new Daria animated series are just two of... More>>

Facebook wants to help you spend less time on Facebook

How much time do you spend on Facebook? Well, the company's upcoming time management tools will help you answer that question and offer ways to help you spend less time there if you want. More>>

The new ‘world’s tiniest computer’ is smaller than a grain of rice

Not to be outdone by the "world smallest computer" IBM revealed in March, a team at the University of Michigan is calling IBM's bluff with an even smaller computer that's "dwarfed by a grain of rice," measuring 0.33mm on... More>>

Apple owns up to sticky key problems with free MacBook keyboard repairs

Apple wants to fix your sticky MacBook or MacBook Pro keys for free. The company is offering a repair program to address the keyboard glitch on affected laptops after user outcry and several class-action lawsuits have been... More>>

Electric GT race series takes Tesla’s Ludicrous mode to the track

A new, one-make race series named Electric GT puts the Tesla Model S on the track. 20 pilots from 10 private teams will compete in identical, ultra-light cars upgraded with bigger brakes and a new suspension system. More>>

Live like a (coddled) astronaut in this lunar lander-inspired tiny home

A tiny home situated on the Columbia River in Washington looks like an Apollo lunar lander, and yet still manages to squeeze in a breakfast nook, bedroom, geodesic skylight, and other features in an open floor plan. More>>

Easily transform your boring bike into an ebike with the GeoOrbital Wheel

Transform your regular bicycle into a fully powered electric bicycle in under 60 seconds with the GeoOrbital wheel. The fully contained electric wheel snaps on in place of your regular front wheel, so it can turn virtually... More>>

Cruise the streets in style and comfort on Blix’s new Sol electric bike

Whether you're just testing out the ebike waters or getting back into riding, you want a bike that is simple, stylish, and comfortable. Blix's new Sol ebike is designed like a beach cruiser meant for your daily commute. More>>

Amazon may have spilled the beans for Prime Day 2018

The cat's out of the bag, and it's all the owner's fault. On Thursday, online retail giant Amazon may have accidentally let slip when its perennially popular Amazon Prime Day would be in 2018. More>>

Alexa reportedly says, ‘Every time I close my eyes, all I see is people dying’

On Monday, an Amazon Echo device apparently made an unprompted and terrifying statement. The owner claims that the smart assistant suddenly activated herself and said, "Every time I close my eyes, all I see is people dying." More>>

Amazon employees call on Jeff Bezos to end controversial tech contracts

Employees at Amazon are circulating a letter to CEO Jeff Bezos, urging the billionaire to stop selling facial recognition software to law enforcement and remove the big data firm Palantir from Amazon Web Services. More>>

Astronomers make huge exoplanet discovery haul in record time

An international group of scientists reported that dozens of planetary candidates have been identified by measuring light fluctuations using K2, the mission that followed up NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope. More>>

U.S. Customs says biometric entry and exit is coming first to this airport

While around a dozen airlines in the U.S. are testing biometric boarding and exit on international flights, a new agreement has the Orlando International Airport slated to be the first U.S. airport to use the technology... More>>

Sick of sleepless nights? Bose wants to help with noise-masking earbuds

Having trouble falling asleep? Bose's sleepbud seeks to remedy this problem by helping drown out unwanted noise such as traffic or a snoring partner. The device is now available in the U.S. for $249. More>>

BlackBerry inks deal with Bullitt to provide security tech to phones

BlackBerry announced a partnership with Bullitt Group to provide security features to Bullitt's ultra-rugged Cat and Land Rover-branded phones. This is one of only a few deals BlackBerry has made for BlackBerry Secure... More>>

Therm-a-Rest wants to save the world, one recycled foam scrap at a time

Therm-a-Rest is known for designing and manufacturing of some of the best sleeping bags and sleeping pads available anywhere but its most important initiative might concern its sustainability practices. We toured its... More>>

Want to find out which viral photos were Photoshopped? So does Adobe

Choosing whether or not to believe that "news" photo you spot in your feed can take some detective work -- but Adobe is working to train an A.I. program to spot a fake photo in a few seconds. More>>

Amazon Fresh or rotten? Customers complain of declining delivery quality

Amazon Fresh is now being plagued by complaints of low-quality or rotten produce, incorrect orders, cancelled or delayed deliveries, and frequently missing items. In essence, it seems that Amazon Fresh is being seen as... More>>

Get a peek at some of our favorite emerging tech on display at CE Week 2018

In between listening to fascinating discussions between tech leaders, we walked the halls of CE Week in NYC to take a look at the exciting products making their way to store shelves. Here are a few of our favorites. More>>

The U.K. and Europe lose their fizz as a CO2 shortage rocks pubs, restaurants

Everyone like a bubbly soda or beer every now and then but a shortfall in CO2 production is causing a crisis in the U.K., where pubs and restaurants are being forced to take beer off the menu this summer. More>>

No more needles? Diabetics could one day treat themselves with a cup of coffee

For diabetics, keeping their illness under control by regulating their blood sugar level is a 24/7 job. But, thanks to Swiss researchers, one day it could be as simple as having a cup of coffee. More>>

To shake up the ‘Fortnite’ endgame, Epic Games may add a building cap

Citing balance concerns and a lack of diverse strategies, Epic Games could implement a resource cap in Fortnite. The potential cap would lessen the emphasis on building and open the door for new strategies. More>>

Theranos’ death knell? Founder Elizabeth Holmes steps down as CEO

Theranos' founder and CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, has been charged with fraud by the SEC. Now, both she and former president Sunny Balwani have surrendered to the FBI, and will face 20 years in prison if indicted on fraud charges. More>>

Prepare to cry again when ‘Life is Strange 2’ arrives in September

Developer Dontnod Entertainment will release the first episode of the emotionally affecting Life is Strange 2 this September. More information on the five-part series will be revealed in August . More>>

Tinder’s parent company Match Group swipes right on Hinge

The Match Group already owns Tinder, OKCupid, and of course, Match, and now that the company has acquired a 51 percent stake in Hinge, it's added to its ever-growing portfolio of dating apps. More>>

Get NFC payments, blood oxygen readings, and GPS from Garmin’s Fenix 5 Plus

The Fenix 5 GPS multisport watch was a major win for Garmin, and now, the German company is releasing the latest iteration of its smart wearable. On June 18, Garmin introduced the Fenix 5 Plus series. More>>

Domio adds voice communication to its rad helmet audio system with the Pro

It's hard to jam out to tunes while playing in the outdoors when you're wearing a helmet. The Domio Pro provides for safe, surround sound audio -- with the added bonus of voice communication. More>>

The Bivystick uses satellite technology to send messages from anywhere

The Bivystick is a satellite communicator that allows users to send text messages and GPS coordinates from anywhere, while also keeping their smartphones fully charged, all without a commitment or subscription fee. More>>

GE adds a cubic foot with high-capacity French door refrigerator

Stressing capacity at low cost, GE Appliances' new French door refrigerator boasts 25.6 cubic feet of usable interior space. GE says the fridge can hold up to 50 more cans of soda than comparable models from leading brands. More>>

Take to the streets with Gazelle’s CityZen ebike for urban commuters

Gazelle's CityZen T10 ebike was built with urban commuters in mind, complete with a top speed of 28 mph and a range of 85 miles, allowing it to ride safely with traffic and avoid having to recharge too often. More>>

Flip Grip lets you play Switch games like you’re back at the arcade

Flip Grip is one of the cooler Nintendo Switch-focused Kickstarter campaigns we have seen. The grip lets you play select eShop games in portrait mode while on the go to give users a nostalgic arcade experience. More>>

The 2018 Suzuki Jimny is the cutest off-roader you can’t get your hands on

Do you remember Suzuki? The company hasn't sold a car in the US in years but it's alive and doing well elsewhere. It just introduced the new Jimny, a rugged SUV that sticks to a tried-and-true body-on-frame architecture. More>>

Volvo’s all-new S60 is a Swedish sedan made in the U.S.A.

The 2019 Volvo S60 is the first Volvo made in the United States. From its basic platform to its infotainment system, the S60's design is closely related to the Swedish automaker's other recent models. More>>

Yes, ‘Gears 5’ is the full title of The Coalition’s latest shooter

Gears of War will drop the "of War" from its title for Gears 5, which The Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson has confirmed is the game's full title. Microsoft previously announced Gears of War 4 as "Gears 4." More>>

Landmark Supreme Court decision lets states force online stores to pay sales tax

A contentious case has reached a rather contentious ruling in the Supreme Court today, and in a 5-4 decision, the highest court in the United States found that states can indeed collect sales taxes from e-commerce retailers. More>>

Money can’t buy you love, but it may buy you more compatible picks on Tinder

Tinder is trialing a new feature called "Tinder Picks," which is meant to help users find matches who are not only attractive but also more compatible when it comes to education, job, and interests. More>>

First Snapdragon 845 Chromebook could be a 2-in-1 with detachable keyboard

A Chromebook code-named Cheza could be the first to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip. New feature hints suggest that it will have a detachable keyboard, and could offer LTE connectivity. More>>

Get a warrant before tracking cell phone users, Supreme Court rules in privacy win

The Supreme Court determined that police departments across the nation must first attain a search warrant before tracking mobile device users. This decision could have enormous implications. More>>

Bethesda reportedly sues Warner Bros. over ‘Westworld’ mobile game

Game publisher Bethesda has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. over the recent Westworld mobile game, claiming code, art, and design had been lifted from its own Fallout Shelter game. More>>

MoviePass rolls out surge pricing for ‘high-demand’ titles and showtimes

The popular movie theater subscription service MoviePass will soon be introducing its own version of surge pricing, which will apply to titles and showtimes that MoviePass determines are the most popular. More>>

‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ responds to player backlash with new freebies

The developers of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds recently launched the game's paid "Event Pass," and after receiving criticism from fans for ignoring those unwilling to pay more money, more free items have been added. More>>

Valve VR knuckle controllers can squish, track fingers, navigate with thumbstick

Valve is still iterating on its knuckle controller design for virtual reality and in its latest demonstration it's showing off the ability to squeeze objects with varied grip strengths, as well as use a thumbstick for... More>>

Could this be Samsung’s first entry-level Android Go phone?

Android Go is Google's premiere entry-level OS for emerging markets, and while manufacturer adoption has been slow, a Samsung phone could be about to join its ranks, according to benchmarking website Geekbench. More>>

A country is shutting off its entire internet to stop exam cheats

Determined to stop students cheating in exams, the Algerian government is cutting the internet for several hours around the time the tests are being taken. Last year it blocked access to social media, but it proved... More>>

SpaceX wins confidence-boosting Falcon Heavy contract with U.S. Air Force

SpaceX has won its first major national security contract for the Falcon Heavy, giving a vote of confidence to its newest and most powerful rocket. SpaceX will launch the Air Force's Space Command-52 satellite in 2020. More>>

Peloton Digital app gives you unlimited workouts for $20 a month

The new Peloton Digital app gives users more than 10,000 workout classes on their iOS device with options for instructor led spin, yoga, and strength classes, as well as outdoor running and walking workouts. More>>

Facebook outlines plans for combating false news

Fake news stories remain a problem for Facebook and those who use the platform. At a recent conference, the social media giant outlined its new plans for identifying fake news stories using a combination of A.I. and human... More>>

Processed pies: Silicon Valley’s Zume Pizza ready to offer you dinner made by a robot

The pies from Zume Pizza are made by robots. It is the latest in a new trend within the food industry to increasingly depend upon software and hardware rather than human labor. Now, Zume robots are getting arms. More>>

Why can’t your Instagram upload? OpenSignal explains the upload speed gap

To help you better understand why some carriers can help you get your pics onto Instagram and Snapchat faster than others, OpenSignal has published a new report to explain the discrepancy between 4G upload speeds. More>>

When it rains, it pours inside Snap Maps with new World Effects

Raining? Your Snapchat Bitmoji may also be getting a downpour with new animated weather effects. The weather comes along with World Effects that change the look of the Snap Map based on holidays and events. More>>

Blizzard’s latest ‘Overwatch’ tease seems to hint at new hero

A short teaser video posted on the official Overwatch Twitter account appears to tease Hammond as the next playable character. The ape escaped from the Horizon Lunar Colony and has been missing ever since. More>>

Amazon Prime Wardrobe lets you try on clothes before buying them

Finally out in the wild, Amazon Prime Wardrobe is the latest benefit for being a Prime member. To get started, users pick out at least three items from more than 1 million options. Users send back what they don't like. More>>

Microsoft’s new USB-C port could enable even slimmer Surface products

Microsoft's newly revealed USB-C port patent could lead to even thinner USB-C-enabled Surface devices. The Surface Pro and rumored Surface Tablet and Surface Phone would likely benefit from this thinner and stronger port... More>>

Watch this Japanese ‘dragon’ drone slither through the air like a flying snake

Drones are awesome, but there are only so many conventional quadcopters you can see before you start to get a bit jaded. That's where a new drone from the University of Tokyo comes into play. More>>

Nvidia hands out $3,000 Titan V graphics cards for free to A.I. researchers

During the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang randomly chose 20 from more than 500 attendees to receive a limited-edition "CEO Edition" version of its $3,000 Titan X graphics card. More>>

This remote control robot promises to destroy a tank from three miles away

An Estonian defense company has teamed up with a missile manufacturer to create an anti-tank missile-firing unmanned ground vehicle that's capable of penetrating 39.3 inches of steel armor plating. More>>

Ready your credit cards: The Steam Summer Sale has arrived

The Steam Summer Sale has fittingly arrived on the first day of summer, bringing deals on hundreds upon hundreds of games both old and new. The sale runs until July 5, so don't be too concerned with the crawling load times... More>>

‘Pokémon Quest’ charms its way onto mobile devices next week

Pokémon Quest arrives on Android and iOS on June 27, nearly a month after the free-to-play game launched on Switch. It's more of a passive experience than a full-fledged Pokémon game, making it a perfect fit on smartphones. More>>

Here’s everything we know about Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat

At its September event last year, Apple unveiled AirPower -- its new wireless charging mat that would allow you to charge multiple devices at one time. Here's everything we know about the device so far. More>>

‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ has more than 400 million players

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has passed 50 million total sales, and when factoring in the mobile versions, it now has more than 400 million players. The game is currently on sale for PC. More>>

The LAPD does its part to cut down on smog, adds ebikes to its patrol fleet

The Los Angles Police Department announced that it will add 20 ebikes to its fleet of vehicles, giving bike-mounted officers faster and more efficient ways of responding to emergency situations. More>>

HDR10+ is coming to more TVs, could be serious competition for Dolby Vision

HDR10+, the high dynamic range standard backed by Samsung, Panasonic, 20th Century Fox, and Amazon, will be available to other TV manufacturers starting this month, meaning serious competition for Dolby Vision. More>>

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich resigns over a past interoffice affair

Intel said Brian Krzanich stepped down as the company's CEO and is no longer on the board of directors. The reason for the immediate departure is due to a "consensual" relationship with an employee, violating company policy. More>>

Assistant’s Continued Conversation feature lets you drop all the ‘Hey, Googles’

We first learned that Google would be bringing a Continued Conversation feature to Assistant at Google I/O, when the tech giant unveiled a whole host of exciting new features. And now, Continued Conversation has been... More>>

Microsoft’s Windows Andromeda device may pack telephony capability

Sources claim the latest prototype of Microsoft's unannounced "Andromeda" device includes telephony capabilities. It won't be a re-entry into the smartphone business, but rather a new entry in its "always-connected"... More>>

Leap Motion’s AR table tennis is a long way from your parents’ Pong

A new demo from Leap Motion shows that table tennis in mixed reality could be a lot of fun -- you never have to pick up the ball, for starters. But its greatest potential may be in teaching players how to improve against... More>>

Wetsuit filled with heavy gas could increase divers’ survival time by hours

An innovative new technique could help make wetsuits more insulated. The technique entails stuffing a standard wetsuit into a pressure tank that displaces its air pockets and pumps then full of heavy inert gas. More>>

Amazon, JPMorgan, Berkshire Hathaway name new CEO in quest to fix health care

Amazon, JPMorgan, and Berkshire Hathaway are taking the next step in their U.S. employee health care business by naming a new chief executive officer. The powerhouse trio announced the appointment of Atul Gawande as the... More>>

Here’s a real version of that endlessly spinning top from ‘Inception’

Remember how Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in Inception uses a spinning top to work out whether he’s awake or dreaming? Some people just created a similar top for real, and it can spin for hours. More>>

Would you pay to join a Group? Facebook takes subscriptions for a spin

After launching Facebook Watch subscriptions, Facebook is also testing a paid subscription for Groups. The tool would allow Group administrators to charge for exclusive content, while a portion of the group remains free,... More>>

Scientists think a form of bacteria could help make Mars hospitable to humans

There’s plenty to consider when it comes to colonizing Mars. Perhaps the biggest query, however, is how exactly we’re going to breathe there? A particular type of bacteria might help. More>>

Robots and delivery services take over a kitchen-free future, reports says

UBS analysts suggest that the traditional home kitchen might be permanently altered by meal-delivery services, envisioning a future where meals made by robots are delivered by drones in lieu of a home-cooked meal. More>>

Instagram’s IGTV is a new Stories-like home for vertical long-form videos

After Facebook Watch, Instagram is launching its own video portal, but it looks nothing like the usual online video viewer. Instead, Instagram IGTV is mobile-first, which means vertical video and a Stories-like interface. More>>

Bamboo Music is a new Alexa Skill that makes learning music fun for the family

While there's no promise that Bamboo will turn your child into the next Chopin, there are still plenty of reasons to teach your tot music from an early age, as research has shown that a music education also boosts learning. More>>

Americans believe that 40 percent of the news is fake

A new survey conducted by the Gallup/Knight Foundation found that overall, Americans believe that 39 percent of the news they see, hear, or read is misinformation. They're even more skeptical of social media. More>>

SmokeBot robot can see things human firefighters can’t in smoke-filled rooms

Created by researchers in Sweden, SmokeBot is a firefighting robot designed to see and navigate in smoky areas. It could one day be used by firefighters to help assist in search-and-rescue missions. Here's how it works. More>>

AMC takes aim at MoviePass with new subscription service

MoviePass might not be around much longer, but if you've got AMC theaters in your area, a better option has just come along. AMC has just announced Stubs A-List, allowing users to see three movies each week for $20 per month. More>>

An all-in-one botnet is on the rise, packing a scary buffet of attacks

A new botnet called MyloBot is on the rise packing the largest arsenal to date, targeting Windows-based PCs to steal data, shut down networks, and more. The underlying malware can evade detection and deliver numerous... More>>

Intel’s hyperthreading blocked on OpenBSD amid hints of new Spectre-like bugs

Intel CPUs that support hyperthreading will no longer be able to make use of the additional threads on OpenBSD moving forward, as its core developer has disabled the technology to ward off Spectre-like bugs. More>>

Goodbye, MSN: Microsoft rebrands news service, releases app on Android and iOS

Microsoft announced the launch of Microsoft News -- the new name for its news engine that runs, Microsoft Edge, and more. In addition, the company also released its revamped Microsoft News app for iOS and Android. More>>

JVC says its new true wireless earbuds will stay put, even during a workout

JVC says its new HA-ET90BT fully wireless headphones can stand up to a run or even the most vigorous workouts without falling out of your ears, something that can’t be said about a lot of true wireless models. More>>

Loupedeck+ brings improved hardware controls to Lightroom — and Luminar

The new Loupedeck+ builds on the original with mechanical keys, new customization options, and support for Skylum Luminar, taking the hardware control console beyond Lightroom for the first time. More>>

China speeds up its subway with palm scanners and facial recognition

The Chinese capital of Beijing is now considering the introduction of "bio-recognition technology" to its subway stations. This technology would include palm scanners and facial recognition scanners. More>>

TP-Link’s new Deco M9 Plus Mesh router is also a smart home hub

TP-Link's newest mesh router provides fast internet connections to more than 100 devices throughout your home, and can serve as a smart home hub for all of your connected devices. Meet the Deco M9 Plus Mesh Wi-Fi System More>>

Pair your smart mattress with Eight Sleep’s A.I.-powered Sleep Coach

A good night's sleep is important, but it can be hard to come by. Here to help is Eight Sleep, which has just released a new A.I.-powered Sleep Coach app to go along with its smart mattress. More>>

AMD one-ups Intel with free Threadripper upgrade for 8086 competition winners

If you win one of Intel's new 8086 Anniversary Edition CPUs, you could get something even better for absolutely nothing. AMD is offering 40 winners the chance to trade in the processor for one of its Threadripper 1950X chips. More>>

Quickstarter inspires creators to dream up small but fun Kickstarter projects

Crowdfunding site Kickstarter this week launched Quickstarter to inspire creators to consider fun, low-budget ideas that can be done and dusted in a much shorter time frame than regular projects. More>>

Apple v. Pepper: The Supreme Court could rule the App Store is a monopoly

The Supreme Court has decided to hear an interesting case that could decide whether or not Apple has a monopoly on app distribution. The case could have far-reaching implications for a number of tech companies. More>>

Meet the Italian composer who conducts the world’s biggest all-robot orchestra

For his next album, Italian electronic music producer Leonardo Barbadoro is skipping synthesizers in favor of robots capable of playing real instruments, ranging from piano to percussion. Here's why. More>>

Miss Windows 7? It might look like this if Microsoft released it today

Imagine if Windows 7 was released today, what might it look like? That's a question that YouTube Avdan has answered with a new Windows concept video that offers a look at a "2018 edition" of Windows 7. More>>

Watch out, redshirts — CBS has a (Star)fleet of new Star Trek shows on deck

The Star Trek franchise will always live long and prosper. After signing screenwriter Alex Kurtzman to a five-year deal, CBS revealed that it's currently developing four stand-alone series set in the Trek universe. More>>

Facebook Messenger is getting those annoying autoplay video ads

It looks like Facebook's autoplay video ads are coming to Messenger. While Facebook considers user experience the most important thing, video ads will still be rolling out to Messenger over the next few weeks. More>>

No doorman to receive your delivery? With Hub by Amazon, that is not a problem

Meet Hub by Amazon, a container that allows for the storage of packages so that they're not just strewn about a lobby, or worse yet, potentially stolen. Really, the Hubs look just like traditional Amazon lockers. More>>

DroneCatcher upgrade lets this net-gun security drone stay in the sky

The DroneCatcher shoots a net at rogue drones in restricted airspace over places like airports and prisons. A recent update has added a power cord, enabling it to stay airborne around the clock for faster response times. More>>

Get all your pods in one place with Google’s streamlined Podcasts app

Google has released its Google Podcasts stand-alone app. With Google's sleek design, super-smart integration with Google Home, and millions of podcasts available at launch, there's nowhere better to listen to your favorite... More>>

After 70 years, a working Dick Tracy two-way watch radio is finally available

Created by brothers Nick and Charlie Mathis, the Dick Tracy Watch not only looks like the timepiece featured in the comics -- it actually works, too. Here's how you can get your hands on one. More>>

NordicTrack’s new RW900 rowing machine is a Google-powered beast

NordicTrack's new RW900 smart rowing machine is lighter, quieter, and takes up less space than previous models, while also coming equipped with a 22-inch screen for tracking workout metrics and tapping into live fitness... More>>

Your next hotel stay may include personalized Netflix streaming

Dish TV's hotel-exclusive Evolve streaming platform will soon be getting Netflix integration, a long-awaited inclusion that will make keeping up with your current TV obsession easier when traveling. More>>

Select Insiders can now access the new Xbox Avatars

The long-awaited Xbox Avatar redesign has arrived for Alpha and Alpha - Skip Ahead Insiders via the Xbox One Preview Program. Insiders can take the new Avatar Editor for a spin ahead of its public rollout, which shouldn't... More>>

Facebook wants to literally open your eyes with A.I. that fixes blinks in photos

Facebook wants to make sure that A.I.-edited photo you share actually looks like you. Facebook researchers just created an A.I. that fixes the blink using a reference image of your own eyes. More>>

NASA’s Opportunity Rover is stuck in a giant dust storm — can she make it?

A massive dust storm that is about the size of our continent has shrouded Mars, and has covered Opportunity for the last seven days. Not only is much of the planet in the dark, but so too is Earth about Opportunity's... More>>

Google’s A.I. tools can predict death risks more accurately than hospitals

Google is beating hospitals at their own game -- at least when it comes to death risk assessment. Google’s Medical Brain team has begun training its A.I. system to evaluate the risk of death among hospital patients. More>>

Google’s Android Messages for web finally lets you text on your computer

Google is finally ready to take on Apple's iMessage with a new desktop client for Android Messages, called Messages for web. The new feature is rolling out now and allows you to access your phone's messages straight from... More>>

Fix upcoming for Google Home, Chromecast bug that can tattle on your location

Security researcher Craig Young from the firm Tripwire discovered a bug that allows both the Google Home and the Google Chromecast TV stick to share user location, which needless to say is less than ideal. More>>

Despite its considerable girth, the Bentley Bentayga will go racing

The Bentley Bentayga luxury SUV will race in the 2018 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Bentley wants to a set record for SUVs on the 12.4-mile course, which climbs to the 14,00-foot summit of Colorado's Pikes Peak. More>>

Australia punishes Apple for refusing to replace iPhones stricken by ‘Error 53’

Australia's federal court has ruled that Apple acted unlawfully when refusing to repair or replace the iPhones of customers affected by Error 53 - an error that came about as a result of third-party repairs. More>>

Yahoo Mail revamps its mobile web experience, releases Android Go app

Yahoo wants to make sending emails easier and more efficient regardless of location, network speeds, or storage capacity. To do so, the company has launched a revamped mobile web experience, along with an optimized app for... More>>

Vivint smart home products are now all voice-enabled with Google Assistant

Your smart home is becoming increasingly talkative. On Tuesday, June 19, Vivint announced a new partnership that makes all of its smart home devices voice-enabled by way of Google Assistant. More>>

Uber is testing a low-fare option that’s great if you’re not in a rush

Uber is testing a new feature that offers lower fares for riders. Opting for the cheaper ride means waiting a bit longer for your car to arrive, but if you have the time and don't mind waiting, you'll save yourself a few... More>>

Chinese search giant Baidu creates an open-source A.I. for detecting cancer

Chinese search giant Baidu developed a new artificial intelligence algorithm which can help doctors to more accurately diagnose breast cancer. And did we mention it will be an open-source technology, too? More>>

MIT engineers a smarter, safer power plug designed to augment IoT

A team at the Massachussets Insitute of Technology has engineered a new smart power plug that employs artificial intelligence and a machine learning algorithm to make power safer. More>>

The World Health Organization labels gaming disorder as a mental condition

Gaming disorder is characterized by "a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior," or more simply, an addiction to gaming. The World Health Organization has officially recognized the disorder as a mental condition. More>>

A flaw in Apple’s Quick Look for MacOS exposes the contents of encrypted files

Apple's Quick Look feature in MacOS supposedly leaks sensitive data even if the content is locked behind password-protected encryption. Introduced in MacOS 10.5 Leopard, Apple designed Quick Look to give you a glimpse into... More>>

Canon’s new large sensor is too big for you, but not for scientists

A CMOS sensor that is almost 40 times larger than a full-frame sensor has been used to capture meteors that researchers couldn't previously spot. The Canon sensor can shoot at 60 fps with the light of a full moon. More>>

Is the Australian bee the key to better outdoor gear?

A biotech startup called Humble Bee is studying the way Australian bees creates natural bioplastics as an alternative to man-made plastics that are more sustainable and good for the environment. More>>

Microsoft takes on Google in the classroom with Flipgrid acquisition

Microsoft is looking to solidify its position in classrooms, and has recently acquired Flipgrid, the video discussion platform currently utilized by more than 20 million teachers and students across the United States and... More>>

A.I. can now learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, researchers claim

Stephen McAleer has managed to create an algorithm that can solve the Rubik's Cube sans human help. It depends upon a process known as "autodidactic iteration" and it could have huge implications for the future. More>>

Here’s what art looks like in 2018: Spheres that react to your presence

This fleet of autonomous flying spheres flocks together like a group of birds, while keeping an eye on nearby humans. They are the work of an art collective called Random International. More>>

Stand up or sit down? Many don’t take advantage of VR’s room-scale experience

Oculus' VP of Content Jason Rubin claims that a "significant percentage" of Oculus Rift headset owners would rather sit down to enjoy virtual reality rather than take advantage of room-scale motion detection. More>>

Nestlé, XPO Logistics building ‘digital warehouse’ with robotics, autonomous vehicles

Nestlé, the world's largest food and drink company, plans to build a "digital warehouse of the future," staffed with robots, autonomous vehicles, and A.I., in partnership with XPO Logistics. More>>

Who needs a nurse? This robot can extract and analyze your blood

Researchers at Rutgers University have developed a blood-drawing robot for inserting intravenous needles into people’s arms with the purpose of drawing and analyzing blood samples. More>>

Adware posing as a private network client secretly takes screenshots

Adware stuffed into software you can freely download from the internet can secretly take screenshots of your desktop among other sneaky spyware-like capabilities. It first surfaced in 2012 and mostly targets Windows 10 PCs. More>>

Google’s new tools for Datally put your mobile data on lockdown

On a limited data contract and tired of checking your mobile data usage to make sure you've got enough? Google's Datally app helps to take the anxiety out of data-saving by offering an easy way to restrict data usage. More>>

Playable beta for ‘Beyond Good & Evil 2’ won’t be ready for quite some time

Beyond Good & Evil 2 creative director Michel Ancel has revealed that his team doesn't expect a playable beta of the game to launch before the end of 2019. This likely pushes a full release into 2020. More>>

HP’s 145,000-core supercomputer is the most powerful ARM system ever built

A new ARM-based supercomputer developed by HP's enterprise branch is set to be used by the National Nuclear Security Administration to see if it can handle simulations more efficiently than existing computing platforms. More>>

‘Iron Fist’ season 2 will premiere on Netflix later this year

Finn Jones will return to Netflix as Marvel Comics' popular kung fu superhero Danny Rand later this year for the second season of the Iron Fist series, according to Marvel TV's Jeph Loeb. More>>

Motorola might be jumping on the foldable smartphone bandwagon

Motorola looks to be the latest electronics manufacturer to join the foldable smartphone race. The company filed a patent for a handset with a flexible OLED display that uses heat to fix imperfections caused by repetitive... More>>

Ford will auction off this Mustang inspired by RAF fighters from WWII

A one-of-a-kind 700-horsepower high-performance Ford Mustang with a livery scheme inspired by American pilots who flew for the RAF during World War II will be auctioned off for charity. More>>

8Bitdo’s tiny wireless Nintendo Switch controllers opt for nostalgic colors

Third-party game accessory company 8Bitdo unveiled a new line of tiny controllers compatible with the Nintendo Switch. The gamepads are designed to mimic the look of the Game Boy Pocket. More>>

‘Lucifer’ lives on with a fourth season coming to Netflix

Netflix has shown some sympathy for the devil, picking up the fan-favorite crime drama Lucifer at the last possible moment for a fourth season. More>>

Oprah joins Apple with a multi-year original programming deal

Apple has landed one of the most influential figures in all media, signing a wide-ranging deal with Oprah Winfrey. Few details were announced, but it means Apple is upping the ante in original streaming programming. More>>

You’ll want Xiaomi’s Mi A2 for the software, not the iPhone X looks

Xiaomi is prepping a follow-up to its Mi A1 smartphone. The Mi A2 has a distinct design, which we've definitely seen before, but the software is the real draw. Here's everything we know about it so far. More>>

Disney Channel’s Nintendo Switch Family Showdown tests your gaming skills

This summer Disney Channel will host the Nintendo Switch Family Showdown, a competition to find a skilled family of Nintendo fans. Games in the competition include Mario Tennis Aces and Super Mario Odyssey. More>>

After nearly two years, ‘Pokémon Go’ finally adds a trading feature

Nearly two years since its initial launch on mobile devices, Niantic's Pokémon Go has finally added the ability to trade monsters with your friends. The feature comes alongside a new "friends" system. More>>

AMD will only release Ryzen APU graphics drivers every three months

AMD's 2200G and 2400G APUs may have just received their first big graphics update since release, but that won't be a frequent occurrence. An AMD representative has confirmed GPU driver releases will only release every... More>>

Here’s everything you need to know about the Huawei P20

Huawei has announced its newest flagships: The Huawei P20 Pro, Huawei P20, and Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS. Both the P20 Pro and Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS feature a triple camera array. More>>

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music adds rockin’ tunes to your favorite workout

In addition to onboard GPS and heart rate monitoring, the Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music gives users the ability to store up to 500 songs on the watch -- and control playback -- while running, cycling, or working out. More>>

Brew the perfect cup of chai with the push of a button with the Chime

Meet the Chime Chai Maker, an automated chai machine that purports to deliver the perfect cup of chai every time. Because as it turns out, dunking a tea bag and adding some milk and sugar just doesn't cut it. More>>

Some folks still think it’s a good idea to fly drones over wildfires

Owners of hobby drones have been disrupting airborne efforts to tackle wildfires in Colorado in recent days. Each time a drone is spotted, manned firefighting aircraft need to be grounded until the airspace is clear again. More>>

Mayday! Amazon pulls the plug on Kindle Fire’s popular support feature

Amazon's Mayday on-screen customer support feature proved to be hugely popular for Kindle Fire tablet users, but now the company has announced that the service will be discontinued this month. More>>

Indulge your nostalgia with a brand new iPhone 3GS

Did you miss out on owning one of the most popular smartphones from the 2000s? Well, thanks to a South Korean mobile carrier, you can make it up to yourself by buying the iPhone 3GS for 44,000 Won, or 40 U.S. dollars. More>>

Google Translate does not hold up well in a classroom or a courtroom

How reliable is Google Translate? You're probably safe using it to order from a restaurant or ask for directions, but don't expect its interpretations to hold up in a classroom or courtroom More>>

To put a quantum computer on your desk, Intel has a plan unlike any other

Quantum computers, once they become common, will solve difficult problems far more quickly than current PCs. That could threaten a chipmaker like Intel, but it’s researching how to turn its knowledge of silicon production... More>>

At Stephen Hawking’s memorial, his message of peace was beamed into the cosmos

As Stephen Hawking's ashes were buried in Westminster Abbey, a message from the renowned scientist was broadcast to a nearby black hole. More>>

Apple vs. Qualcomm: Everything you need to know

Apple is following the FTC's lead and has sued Qualcomm for a massive $1 billion in the U.S., $145 million in China, and also in the U.K., claiming the company charged onerous royalties for its patented tech. More>>

You can drive away in this tiny home, converted from a 1966 Greyhound bus

For Jessie Lipskin, it was love at first sight when she discovered a 1966 Greyhound bus up for auction on eBay, which she planned to convert into a fully mobile tiny home, registered as an RV. More>>

HoloLens 2 could pack Qualcomm’s new XR1 chip for extended reality

The next version of Microsoft's HoloLens headset for augmented reality will supposedly feature Qualcomm's new Snapdragon XR1. The rumor arrives by way of an anonymous source who claims the headset will appear in January 2019. More>>

Crown is a new dating app that looks a lot like your March Madness bracket

Rather than giving you a never ending roster of potential mates to pick from, Crown gives you a curated list that you then eliminate, tournament-style on a daily basis. It's the latest dating app from the Match Group. More>>

Venmo will no longer let you pay or charge your friends on its website

If you're looking to Venmo your friend for that pizza you ate half most of, or need to send your monthly rent payment via the PayPal-owned peer-to-peer payments service, you'll now have to do it via mobile. Venmo is... More>>

Get your Trek on with everything we know about ‘Discovery’ season 2

The crew of the U.S.S. Discovery will return for more adventures on CBS All Access in the near future. Here's everything we know about Star Trek: Discovery season 2, from the cast and themes to the season premiere. More>>

Iowa man gets 20-year prison sentence for trying to steal a domain at gunpoint

An Iowa man who used a firearm in an attempt to steal a domain and the failed armed robbery to steal the domain landed Sherman Hopkins Jr. a 20-year prison sentence. More>>

The versatile HPC Scout is a beast on the road and on the trail

With optional components added, the HPC Scout off-road ebike can achieve speeds of up to 40 mph and a range of as much as 42 miles, making it one of the fastest and most versatile electric bikes on the market. More>>

The Leica C-Lux mixes classic design with a modern zoom

Leica's classic style meshes with a large sensor, big-zoom compact in the new Leica C-Lux camera. The M10, meanwhile, gets the first special edition treatment inspired by Zagato's Italian car designs. More>>

Check out these wacky designs in Boeing’s $2 million passenger drone contest

Check out these weird and wonderful passenger drone designs that could one day be transporting us around our cities. The 10 winners of the Boeing-sponsored contest now have nine months to build prototypes. More>>

Ready to grill? Here are alternatives to cleaning it with a wire-bristle brush

Wire-bristle grill brushes have taken some heat recently, because sometimes the bristles dislodge and end up causing serious injuries when an unsuspecting party-goer swallows it. Luckily, there are alternative ways to... More>>

U.S. senators question Amazon about transmission of recorded private conversation

Senators Jeff Flake and Chris Coons sent CEO Jeff Bezos questions about Amazon's collection, storage, and use of consumer data. The senators questioned the specifics of the error and Amazon's overall data protection... More>>

NFC tech in official World Cup match ball draws fans even more into the games

As soccer fans gear up to root for their favorite nation in the 2018 World Cup, Adidas teamed with software company BlueBite to outfit the official match ball with NFC tech. By scanning the chip with a phone, fans get... More>>

Why Mastercard is ripping a page from Bitcoin’s book

Mastercard's new blockchain patent seeks to put an end to credit card skimmers and make money safer. Regardless of what you think of cryptocurrency, the largest financial institutions are transforming real money to become... More>>

Insomnia keeping you up? The Reverie Sleep Coach may help

The Reverie Sleep Coach is touted as a personalized sleep consultation platform that offers one-on-one guidance instead of the usual one-size-fits-all approach other sleep coaches take. More>>

Creep in peace — Instagram will no longer tell people when you take screenshots

If you've been holding back on your social media stalking tendencies, then hold back no more. As originally reported by BuzzFeed, Instagram will no longer alert users when someone takes a screenshot of their Stories. More>>

Developers can now take Google App Maker out for a test drive

About 18 months ago, Google introduced us to App Maker, a tool that allows you to build and deploy apps (specifically of the business variety) on the web. Now it's available to all developers. More>>

Apple Park’s office setup aims to keep workers on their toes

Apple boss Tim Cook said this week that all of the company's workers at its flashy new Apple Park campus have access to a standing desk, which he's adamant is a healthier way to work. More>>

The Focus Paralane2 may change your mind about how heavy ebikes can be

Focus has taken the wraps off of its new Paralane2 ebike, which weighs 28.8 pounds but drops to just 22 pounds when the detachable motor and battery pack are removed, making it one of the lightest ebikes around. More>>

Photo FOMO: A working Lego camera, and a box that gives cameras sweet moves

How many pieces does it take to build a film camera out of Lego bricks? In this week's Photo FOMO, a photographer vies for Lego approval, Miops moves into camera motion systems, and Fujifilm apologizes for firmware delays. More>>

Everything we know about the Sony Xperia XZ3

The Xperia XZ2 Premium may be new, but there are already rumors of Sony's next inclusion in its flagship XZ range. Here's everything we've been able to dig up about Sony's upcoming phone, the Sony Xperia XZ3. More>>

Nintendo: ‘Metroid Prime 4’ is ‘progressing well’ but it’s not ready to be shown

Metroid Prime 4 was announced by Nintendo at E3 2017, but the game was absent from this year's presentation. Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé has confirmed that the game is still progressing well. More>>

Sony’s Xperia XZ2 Premium has a crazy-high ISO for photos and video

We're hardly six months into 2018, and Sony has added yet another smartphone to its roster. It's the Xperia XZ2 Premium, and it's the first Sony phone with two cameras on the rear. More>>

SwiftKey integration on latest Insider build makes it easier to type on glass

Microsoft is testing SwiftKey keyboard integration in the latest Insider Preview before making it available for all Windows 10 users. Windows Insiders can download build 17692 to begin swiping in Windows 10's on-screen... More>>

You can now put Alexa on your wrist with this new Apple Watch app

If you want to free Alexa from your Amazon Echo and instead find her a home on your wrist, there's a new app that can help. Meet Voice in a Can, a new third-party app that allows you to use Alexa on your Apple Watch. More>>

Ring Alarm home security system is now available for pre-order

Homeowners can now pre-order the $200 Ring Alarm DIY smart home security system, with shipping scheduled for July 4. Professional monitoring and unlimited video storage cost just $10 a month. More>>

Here’s everything we know about the OnePlus 6 smartphone so far

It's been several months since we first got our hands on the OnePlus 5T, and the rumors around its replacement are coming in at fever pitch. Here's what we're hearing about the upcoming OnePlus 6. More>>

Apple could implement one of the Google Pixel 2’s coolest features

According to a newly published patent, Apple could be working on implementing one of the most interesting features from the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. The patent described a kind of "squeeze" feature. More>>

Snapchat opens its doors to third-party apps, keeps privacy first

Snapchat launched its new platform for third-party developers. Known as Snap Kit, developers now have the option to integrate Snapchat features into their own apps while also keeping user data safe. More>>

  • BusinessMore>>

  • UK euroskeptics urge PM May to prepare for 'no deal' Brexit

    UK euroskeptics urge PM May to prepare for 'no deal' Brexit

    Sunday, June 24 2018 7:03 AM EDT2018-06-24 11:03:55 GMT
    (John Stillwell/PA via AP). From centre carrying banner, British lawmaker Vince Cable,  Pro-EU campaigners Gina Miller, Tony Robinson and lawmaker Caroline Lucas join crowds taking part in the People's Vote march for a second EU referendum, at Trafalga...(John Stillwell/PA via AP). From centre carrying banner, British lawmaker Vince Cable, Pro-EU campaigners Gina Miller, Tony Robinson and lawmaker Caroline Lucas join crowds taking part in the People's Vote march for a second EU referendum, at Trafalga...
    Pro-Brexit politicians and business figures are urging British Prime Minister Theresa May to be ready to walk away from the European Union without a trade agreement, despite warnings from major manufacturers that a...More >>
    Pro-Brexit politicians and business figures are urging British Prime Minister Theresa May to be ready to walk away from the European Union without a trade agreement, despite warnings from major manufacturers that a "no deal" Brexit would be disastrous.More >>
  • Science Says: What makes something truly addictive

    Science Says: What makes something truly addictive

    Sunday, June 24 2018 6:37 AM EDT2018-06-24 10:37:37 GMT
    (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon). FILE - In this Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2013 file photo, a college student plays a computer game at an Internet cafe in Seoul, South Korea. On Monday, 18, 2018, the World Health Organization said that compulsively playing video ga...(AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon). FILE - In this Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2013 file photo, a college student plays a computer game at an Internet cafe in Seoul, South Korea. On Monday, 18, 2018, the World Health Organization said that compulsively playing video ga...
    Video game "addiction" decision renews debate over whether behaviors can cause same kind of illness as drugs.More >>
    Video game "addiction" decision renews debate over whether behaviors can cause same kind of illness as drugs.More >>
  • TV weather presenters don ties to highlight global warming

    TV weather presenters don ties to highlight global warming

    Sunday, June 24 2018 6:37 AM EDT2018-06-24 10:37:35 GMT
    TV weather presenters around the world have teamed up to highlight the impact of climate change by wearing ties, pendants and badges with "warming stripes" while on air.More >>
    TV weather presenters around the world have teamed up to highlight the impact of climate change by wearing ties, pendants and badges with "warming stripes" while on air.More >>
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