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Cleaning: CARS

Bugs:   When bugs are smashed onto the front of your car dip a dryer sheet in some water to clean them off your car.  It takes them right off. Tracey, LA

Use De-mineralized water, it is great for removing bugs from vehicles along with water spots.  It leaves a beautiful shine.  Also, works great for cleaning windows. C. Butler, MO


To keep bugs from getting on your car during the season, wash your car well then spray it with Pam or any other cooking spray.  The smashed bugs will wipe or wash right off.  Tonia, AL

For removing bugs from the front of your car, use an old knee high stocking when cleaning the car.  Comes right off.  Diane, VA


Wet your car first then spray the bugs with a little bit of 409. Let it sit and then the bugs will wipe right off.  Michelle Ellison, NC

Icy Windows:  After cleaning car windows on the outside. Put rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and  rub over windows. When warming car up if there is ice or frost on the windows. It will help it to melt away!  Cecelia Mattingly

  When cleaning the interior of your car, use Murphy's Oil soap on the vinyl and then there is no need to use a dressing (such as a cover).  It looks great and smells good. Cathy Beal, IN


To keep the interior of your vehicle smelling fresh/clean, place one or two fabric softner dryer sheets anywhere inside your vehicle overnight - just open/unfold the sheet and "stuff" one corner into the back of one of the front seats, or any other nook/cranny. (If it's not inconvenient, leave them there 24/7!) This idea works well for almost any other small, contained, etc., area, in your vehicle, R.V., boat (especially), and, of course, your home!  (Bathrooms, Linen Closets, Hampers, Hall and Bedroom Closets, Dresser Drawers, Bathroom Cabinets, Etc.)  Sharelle Fry

Tar:  Use peanut butter to get tar off of the exterior of your car.  Diane Hutchison, AL

Tires:  Spray white wall tires with Mean Green and gently brush grime away easily.  Ruby Knott, KY

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