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Tony's Tip: Mint cookies

By Tony Schumacher

DORCHESTER (WAOW) -- Newsline 9's friend Tony Schumacher joins us now with a sweet St. Paddy's day treat.

"Are you fan of mint? If so, you might enjoy this peppermint pup cookie recipe. Brought to us by Mary Court of Minocqua, thank you very much Mary.

"It's pretty easy to make as well. It's good if you have a lot of left over candy canes from the holidays or something like that. So you start with 2/3 of a cup of butter flavored crisco in a mixing bowl. To that we're going to had 1/4 c. of packed brown sugar, and 1/4 c. of granulated sugar and we're just going to cream that together real quick. And it is important to use the butter flavored crisco. We tried it once with it and it wasn't quite as good so it adds just the right touch there.

"Alright, once you have that process done, then you're going to add yourself one egg. When I make cookies I prefer fairly simple recipes because i'm usually hungry and I don't have that much patience so I try to do fairly simple stuff.

"So once that's in, then the next step is to have yourself 1 1/2 cups of all purpose flour to that add 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder. and 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Just give that a quick mix. Then you'll be adding that to your sugar and egg mixture.

"Now when we're done with these, they're going to look alot like your classic peanut butter cookies with the chocolate Hershey Kiss on top, except that of course, these are going to mint flavored because we're going to add the secret ingredient coming up real shortly here.

"What we did was took some after dinner mints and crused them. Since it's about St. Patrick's Day, we thought we would try to do something a little greenish. So if you have some green mints that are even darker than that, that would be perfect.

"But anyway, that's what your dough mixture's going to look like here. It's just going to take you a couple minutes to get that all stirred together. And once that's done then you add your chopped mints to it. Stir that in as well.

"And for the sake of keeping our segment short here I"m not going to finish the product but once you've got it all mixed up, you make yourself about 1 inch dough balls, make them round, and put them on a greased cookie sheet. You can grease it with your butter flavored crisco if you'd like. Bake for it for 12 minutes at 350.

"After you get them out of the oven, you can add one of these mint flavored hersey kisses to the top. And this is the finished product. Don't they look tastey? They're tender and they have a little hint of mint in them. It's kind of a suprise but it tastes really good."

Online Reporter: Ashley Gatz

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