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Tony's Tip: Meat school

By Tony Schumacher

DORCHESTER (WAOW) -- When we go to the store to buy meat, some of us don't really know what we're looking for or what the best type of cut is for our needs.

Newsline 9's Tony Schumacher has some answers.

Tony: "Hi everybody. I'm joined by Al Pinter of Pinter's Packing in Dorchester. Al, thanks for being here.

Al: "Thank you inviting me here."

Tony: "He's going to share some great information about buying meat and meat quality and that sort of thing. So Al, if a person is going to the store or butcher shop to buy a steak, tell us what they should look for."

Al: "Well I brought 3 examples of different steaks here. There's a little bit more marbling in one than the other."

Tony: "And that's fat, right? The marbling?"

Al: "Yes, the marbling would be fat. And i'm talking about inside fat. Not exterior fat."

Tony: "Gotcha. And that's going to be more tender I imagine?"

Al: "With the interior fat, it will be more tender. This steak may look better but its not going to be as tender as this one over here. Here are some other steaks over here. These are tenderloin steaks which is the most tender part of the beef. It's probably a little bit more expensive than the rest but that's the only steak that you can buy that you don't need to worry about fat content.

That's a sirloin steak. We dry age our beef and the outside will get a little bit drier but that's no harm done.

A Round steak over here. It's a nice meaty steak. Plenty of people buy them but they are a little bit tough. So, what I do is machine tenderize them and cut them into little pieces for more tenderability.

Over here, I brought two different roasts. One is a chuck roast which comes from the front shoulder of the beef. The other is from the hind quarter which is a sirloin tip. They're pretty comparable in tenderness. But the sirloin tip is a little bit more meatier. So it would be a little bit more expensive."

Tony: "Gotcha. Now we want to talk about meat safety issues and there is a difference between how you prepare a steak versus a hamburger. Could you describe the steak first of all?"

Al: "On a steak, when it is fried, it should always be fried fast on both sides. That keeps the juiciness of the steak alive.

Tony: "The inside is generally pure so its okay if its a little bit red yet when its done.

Al: "Right. You can actually eat raw meat from a steak because it is pure."

Tony: "Because all of the contaminents would've been on the outside of it but hamburger is a different story."

Al: "Hamburger should always be cooked well done because the fact is when you have a hamburger, it's considered outside and inside meat all ground together."

Tony: "Very good. And Finally Al, people ask you about discoloration on hamburger. Describe that for us."

Al: "When people go to the store they say, boy it's nice and bright on the outside and the inside has a real dark color to it. That's because the oxidation isn't in the inside of the meat. Discoloration is nothing to worry about"

Tony: "only if its gotten kind of old and slimy on the outside then you should worry about it."

Al: "right"

Tony: "Okay Al Pinter from Pinter's Packing in Dorchester. Now back to you."

Online Reporter: Ashley Gatz

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