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Spine Surgery

For patients who do not see significant improvement for their pain with nonsurgical treatments, surgery may be necessary.

The goal of surgery is to relieve pain and repair damaged spine structures. Here are some of the more common surgical procedures performed by Marshfield Clinic spine surgeons.

Herniated or Ruptured Disc - Your spine is a series of connected bones called vertebrae. Connecting and cushioning the vertebrae are discs. As you age, these discs may lose flexibility and tear or rupture. The rupture can press on nerves and cause pain. Herniated discs can occur in the lumbar (back) or cervical (neck) areas of the spine. Surgery, called a discectomy removes part of the disc providing pain relief.

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis - The vertebrae in your spine protect a canal that houses nerves. With age or disease, this canal may narrow putting pressure on nerves. This causes leg and, sometimes, back pain. Surgery can open the canal and relieve leg pain.

Spinal Fusion - Your vertebrae may become unstable resulting in abnormal movement and pain. A fractured vertebra may also be joined for this surgery, which unites two adjoining vertebrae to create a more stable unit.

Decompression Surgery
- Surgery that removes pressure on spinal nerves is called decompression surgery. Three main types of decompression surgery focus on removing bone or disc matter that may be pressing on nerves.

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