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Class of the Week 4/3: Pine River Elementary, Merrill

by Natalie Sparacio & Jeannie Prescott

WAKE UP WISCONSIN (WAOW)--This week's winners are the 5th graders at Pine River Elementary School in Merrill!

Back in October, their teachers, Mrs. Schultz and Mrs. Kleinschmidt presented the class with a unique field trip idea, e only catch was they had to raise $2,000 to go.

The trip is an overnight stay at the Science Museum in St. Paul.

The students really embraced this challenge.

In order to raise the money they participated in a wide range of fundraisers and activities.

They held a dinner theater, served their guests an Italian meal and put on a play.

They also had bake sales, a spa night, and even decorated Christmas ornaments and sold them to school faculty to offset the cost.

Then, they wrote formal letters to community businesses for financial assistance to help them reach their goals.

Pine Ridge Restaurant generously offered to help their cause, by donating $1,000.

Thanks to their help, and the hard work of the students, they were able to beat their goal, and ended up raising over $2,500.

Since they started the project 6 months ago, the students motto has been "Finish Strong".

And they did just that, with the left over money, the students decided to pay it forward, and leave it in the PTO fund for future classes to use.

They hope the future 5th grade classes carry on the tradition for years to come.

We had the opportunity to meet with the kids, they were so enthusiastic, and had such great attitudes about their project.

This is a perfect example of what class of the week is all about, we hope they have a great time on their field trip in 2 weeks.

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Online Reporters: Natalie Sparacio & Jeannie Prescott

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