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Brighten or Camouflage a Garage Wall

Maybe it's a wall of your shed, the garage or far side of your house that just is screaming out for some help.  It may be your budget, time or creativity that is preventing you from renovating the garden and view.  Take heart - there are some fun, simple and quick solutions for beautifying your blank wall.

Share a bit of your personality and creativity with some garden art.  For example a tall geeky beak bird character is a whimsical and fun addition to the garden. 

Or maybe it is a container or one big plant like an ornamental banana to add vertical interest to the garden. 

You may want to take a more traditional approach and grow a vine on a trellis.  Or try mixing annual with perennial vines.  The annual vine provides quick cover and color while the perennial vine slowly grows over the support. Or add some affordable shepherd hooks and hanging baskets for quick color.

A bit more information:  Add a view to that blank wall.  Mirrors mounted on the wall can reflect a beautiful section of the garden adding depth to your landscape.  Or suspend old window frames in front of the wall.  Mount flower filled window boxes to the window frames or position hanging baskets in the opening for some added greenery.  Or go for the low maintenance approach.  Mount artwork or create your own "picture perfect" garden or window with a view on the wall.

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