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Hiding the Inner Workings of the Garden

The secret to most beautiful landscapes is tucked away out of sight behind a fence.  As you open the door you find the raw ingredients to building a healthy foundation for any size landscape.

You'll first notice space for fall leaves.  Lots of gardeners collect bags of shredded leaves from their neighbors.  They can easily wheel them into the storage area out of site and back out into the garden when needed for mulching their annuals and perennials.

Yard waste is stored in wire bins.  As time allows they can layer it with a bit of soil, moisten and let it decompose.  The beauty of having space is the ability to have composting at all stages.  But even a single pile can help you convert your yard waste to valuable compost.

If space is limited, consider joining forces with a neighbor.  Perhaps the two of you can create a hidden work space along the lot line.


A bit more information:  You don't need lots of space, expensive fencing or intricate structures to hide your workspace.  Consider masking your working space with a grape covered arbor, row of evergreens or a couple old doors strategically placed to block the view.  Select a location that is conveniently located within your landscape and easy for you and your wheelbarrow or garden cart to enter and leave.  Those with large yards may want several satellite work spaces so their compost, trellis and tools are within reach of all corners of the yard.  Those with small yards may need to squeak out storage and work space from several areas.

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