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Class of Week: 4/24 Mosinee Elementary School

by Natalie Sparacio & Jeannie Prescott

MOSINEE (WAOW)-- This week's winner's are Mrs. Smith's 1st graders at Mosinee Elementary School.

For the past 19 years, Mrs. Smith has worked with her students to create reading wonderlands.

Past themes have been circus related, underwater, and snoopy.

This year's theme is a celebration of the Northwoods.

The class calls it their "Reading Resort".

The student's worked together by coloring and gluing the entire display.

They worked on the project during indoor took 2 months to create.

Each paper chain represents how many books the kids have read.

So far this year, the students have read 5 thousand 8 hundred 99 books.

The kids are given medals depending on how many books they read.

If you read over 100 books you get a gold medal, if you read 50 books you get a silver.

Each student also has a log book...where the keep track of how many books they read.

The log book goes home and to school, as a way to keep parents involved in student reading development.

We had the opportunity to visit with the students and see how they read in their special resort.

All of the students have reading T-shirts and you can just tell how proud they are of being a part of something like this.

It's such a unique learning environment, and it's obvious how much the students are learning and enjoying themselves.

Their teacher Mrs. Smith is retiring after this year...she says out of all the years...this Reading Resort has been her favorite.

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Online Reporters: Natalie Sparacio & Jeannie Prescott

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