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Police: Wausau teen died from homicidal assault

by Meg Bonacorsi

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- 18-year-old Breanna Schneller was found dead in her Wausau apartment Saturday.

Police aren't revealing much about how she died, only to say she had multiple injuries.

Now there's a reason officers are staying tight lipped.

They say they don't want to give out information that might compromise the case.

At this point no one is in custody and there aren't any persons of interest.

But police aren't the only ones left scratching their heads.

Breanna's high school principal, Tom Johansen, describes her as, "A good student.  A student who was never in trouble."

In fact Breanna, a DC Everest senior, recently gained national recognition for a speech she gave on family consumer education.

Johansen says, "She was awarded the opportunity to compete at nationals because of how well she did at the state competition."

Needless to say Breanna won't be taking that trip after her life was cut tragically short in what police are calling a "homicidal assault".

Wausau Police Chief Jeff Hardel says, "The attack was clearly forceful and vengeful."

Breanna lived in an apartment on South 12th Avenue with her boyfriend and his brother.  The brother found her dead on Saturday afternoon and called police.

Chief Hardel says, "We are double checking and triple checking their alibis to make sure that they aren't involved."

Right now, neither men are suspects.  But as we speak, police are continuing to process the evidence collected here and question those who may have the answers they're looking for.

"There are people that know what happened and we need to find out who those people are," Chief Hardel says.

He says drugs and alcohol don't appear to be factors in this young woman's death.  And as of now, they're left with more questions than answers.

Chief Hardel says, "I'm sure Breanna felt that her environment was safe but as we've learned now it wasn't safe for one reason or another and that's why we need to find why."

If you saw or heard anything out of the ordinary at the apartment complex on Saturday, or if you have any information about Breanna's death you're asked to call (715) 261-7991.

Online Reporter: Meg Bonacorsi

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