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Someone You Should Know: Aron Purmort

by Pam Warnke

WESTON (WAOW)-- It's the little things that make kids happy.  Little, simple things that make spending time together fun.

"We play together and do math," said Yeng Thao.

Yeng Thao, a Weston Elementary student, gets to do all of them with his Big Brother Aron Purmort.

Aron is a 20-year-old student at D-C Everest.

He says, "My favorite sports are football, soccer, baseball and basketball."

He's cognitively disabled and the perfect fit to mentor Yeng, who is also C.D.

Linda Koepke, of Big Brothers Big Sisters says, "I see them eat lunch together.  I see the smiles.  I see the talking."

The pair was matched a little over a year ago.  They share time together on Fridays.

"We play Go-Fish once in awhile and Sorry and building blocks, I brought for him once," said Aron.

It's considered a cutting edge configuration for Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Very few, if any, are doing matchups like this.

"Everyone benefits.  Even the school here, they love Aron coming in," Linda said.

For Aron, it's a chance to show someone the ropes.

He said, "I thought he was the perfect fit."

A chance for Aron to lead someone the way he could have been led.

"I think it's given him an opportunity, just like you and I, to have a responsiblity in the adult world, not just closed in living in a group home, or going to school," Linda said.

But it's Yeng who probably benefits the most.

It's easier to grow, learn and love when you are with someone who understands you.

Yeng said, "He always smiles at me."

A special connection made of simple, little things that make life altogether better.

Online Reporter: Pam Warnke

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