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Pet Pause - Traveling With Your Pet

by Jeannie Prescott

Wake Up Wisconsin (WAOW)--Each Wednesday on Wake Up Wisconsin Dolores Glytas, from Wisconsin Federated and The Portage County Humane Society will be joining us for a segment called Pet Pause.

Each week you will find helpful tips and information on caring for your companions.

In our first segment we talked about traveling with your pets.

Here are some helpful tips if traveling:

- Bring a picture I.D. of the pet

- Pack two copies of the pet's medical records (including shot records)

- Bring collar with I.D. and lead

- Carry clean up material

- Pack a water bottle and portable drinking/eating bowls

- Don't forget food and treats

- Pack an extra collar/leash in case of breakage

- Bring a kennel blanket/t-shirt with familiar smell

- Check that your kennel is approved by the airline

- Double and triple check fees for flights and hotels as weight/size restrictions commonly apply

- Book early as there is a limit to how many pets can be on board

-Get pet used to carrier/car weeks prior to departure

- Label your pet's kennel with: your name; pets name; cell phone number; origin and destination addresses with home phone numbers; name of emergency contact; picture of pet.

-Check with vet about medications/traveling advice.

For more information on flying and hotel stays with your pet, contact your carrier and hotel directly. 

Want helpful questions to ask about airline pet travel?  visit here.

Dolores will be back next week to talk about pets and the outdoors.

Online Reporter: Jeannie Prescott

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