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No sign of life near plane debris

BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) -- There are no signs of life in the Atlantic where Brazilian airplanes have spotted debris along the path of Air France Flight 447.

Authorities won't know if the airplane seat, life jacket and metallic shards belong to the airliner until they can pull them from the ocean. Brazilian military ships aren't expected to arrive in the area hundreds of miles off the Brazilian coast until tomorrow.

The Brazilian Air Force says the objects were found to the right of the last known location of the plane, suggesting it may have been trying to turn around and land on a nearby island.

The plane with 228 people on board vanished Monday night on a trip from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. All on board are feared dead.

An automatic message from the craft said the plane was losing pressure and had experienced an electrical failure. Investigators on both sides of the Atlantic are working to figure out exactly what happened.

Online Reporter: Kelsi Schindler

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