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Pet Pause - Ticks, Fleas and Heartworms

by Jeannie Prescott

Wake Up Wisconsin (WAOW)-- The nice weather can pose more risks for our four legged friends.

Dolores Glytas from Wisconsin Federated joined us on Wake Up Wisconsin for our weekly Pet Pause, to talk about protecting our pets from fleas and ticks.


-Prevention is much easier than elimination.

-Liquid Squeeze-on tubes seem to be the best. These are applied to the back of the neck and sometimes above the tail. Most of these products kill adult fleas, flea eggs and larvae.

-Flea collars are not the best as they most often cause irritation or infection. Don't use them if you have children around your pet.


-Excessive scratching  

-Excessive chewing, especially around the base of the tail  

-Hair loss, especially around the base of the tail  

-Increased agitation  

-Hot spots ( large red areas of skin)


-Prevention is much easier than elimination.

-Liquid squeeze on medication.

-Mow grass regularly. Ticks favor high vegetation.

-Avoid walking in tall grass and thick underbrush

-Use a flea comb for both fleas and ticks.

-Ticks don't attach immediately so early removal is key.

-Run your hands thoroughly thru hair to check for any little ‘bumps' especially around ears, head, feet and tail.

-Spread fur apart, rub tick with alcohol, use tweezers and grasp tick by the head( close to the skin as possible). Try not to burst tick as this may release tick borne microorganisms.



-Bleeding disorder

-Lost appetite


-Stiff joints

-Pale mucous membranes


-Prevention is KEY for both dogs and cats.

-Have a blood-test done by your vet .

-Monthly medication is easy. 

-All it takes is one infested mosquito to infect your pet with this deadly disease.

Symptoms in Dogs:



-Weight loss

-Difficulty breathing

Symptoms in Cats:



-Weight loss


-Rapid heart rate

-Increased respiratory rate

-Sudden death

Online Reporter: Jeannie Prescott

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