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Pet Pause - Bite Prevention and Bite First Aid


by Jeannie Prescott

Wake Up Wisconsin (WAOW)-- In this weeks Pet Pause we take a look at animals bites; how to prevent them and what to do if you get bit.  

Bite Prevention & Bite First Aid     

Animals may attack if they are:     


-In pain, injured or ill     

-Bothered while eating     


-Protecting offspring, territory or owner     

-Excited or ‘ruff' playing   

Some warning signs:      

-Hair standing on end     

-Bared teeth or curled lips     

-Growling, snarling or snapping     

-Aggressive posture     

-Fearful posture   

Do's & Don'ts:      

-Don't try to touch any unfamiliar animal      

-Don't surprise a dog      

-NEVER leave small children alone with pets      

-Don't go near an animal while it's eating      

-Do ask pet owner if you can pet their pet      

-Do keep dogs on a leash while walking or contained in yard      

-Do have pet's rabies shots up to date   

If you're threatened:      

-Remain calm, stand still     

-Face the animal, never turn and run     

-Give firm command - ‘No',  ‘Stay', ‘Down'      

-Shield yourself   

If you're bitten:     

-Remember as may details about animal as possible     

-Wash wound thoroughly     

-Seek immediate medical help 

- cat bites can be especially dangerous     

-Report all incidents to proper authorities  

Information provided by Dolores Glytas    

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Online reporter: Jeannie Prescott

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