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Braun and GM Doug Melvin sat down on Tuesday to discuss Braun's comments

By Russ Owens

MILWAUKEE (WAOW)-  Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun and Milwaukee GM Doug Melvin sat down on Tuesday before the team's game against St. Louis to discuss Braun's comments on Sunday criticizing the Brewers' starting pitching.

Braun gave a statement to the media regarding the meeting, but didn't allow any follow-up questions.  Here is the statement he made that I pulled of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's website.


"Doug and I met this afternoon as soon as I got to the ballpark. We had a good discussion. I think both of us now have a clear understanding of where each other's coming from. It's derived from being competitive. Everybody wants to win. That's the reality of it.

"It's not going to jeopardize my relationship with him. It's not going to jeopardize my relationship with the organization. I know they're trying their best to do their job. They always have, they always will. It's basically a misunderstanding. I feel like my comments were kind of taken out of context a little bit, blown out of proportion. I was a little bit surprise that it became the story that it has. But with that being said, I take full responsibility for everything that I say, for all of my actions. At times I'm emotional, I'm passionate. It's derived from just wanting to win, but I definitely take full responsibility for that.

"With that being said, Me and Doug are cool. Everything's good. I have no issues with anybody. I apologized if I offended anybody in the organization. That clearly wasn't my intent. I wasn't trying to disrespect anybody, wasn't trying to call anybody out. It wasn't a conversation that I initiated. I was just basically responding to a question. I try when I'm dealing with the media to be honest and sometimes I'm honest to a fault. It gets me in trouble. I recognize that. It's a strength and a weakness. It's something that I need to be more aware of at times.

"We'll move forward. Hopefully it's something I'll learn from. It's definitely something I'll learn from, and we'll move on."

Courtesy- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Online Reporter- Russ Owens

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