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Pet Pause: Nutrition

by Natalie Sparacio

WAKE UP WISCONSIN (WAOW)-- This week's Pet Pause segment focuses on the importance to pet nutrition.

Dolores Glytas from Wisconsin Federated offers this advice for pet owners:

Nutritional  Dry ‘kibble' :

Check the ingredients - the first 3 items listed should state chicken, fish or meat. If it states ‘by products' this could literally be chicken feet.  If it states corn, this is just grain filler. This is so important in dry food. Even some high priced (for example, IAMS) start out with corn filler.

Same holds true for canned food, however most good brand canned food is quite decent.

Both dogs and cats should have a balance of canned and dry food. A diet of only canned food will enhance the build up of tarter and plaque on the teeth. The abrasion of dry food helps to clean the teeth.

Cats are carnivores and have naturally relied on meat for moisture and water. A diet of strictly dry kibble is not advised. Balance this out with canned food.

Cats do like to nibble on plants - grow some grass inside so they will nibble on that and not your house plants

Tip: if you're making yourself a tuna sandwich, drain the water and give it to your cat - big treat!

Poor nutrition shows up in a dull coat, dull eyes, weight loss, a lot of defecation.

Try and buy the best possible quality food you can.

Many people supplement or mix store bought dry food with cooked ground turkey or chicken.

Online Reporter: Natalie Sparacio


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