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Pet Pause - So You Want A Pet ?


By Jeannie Prescott

Wake Up Wisconsin(WAOW)-So you want a pet?

Depending on what kind of pet, bringing one home can be a huge commitment in more ways than just time. Animals need vet checks, food, vaccinations, toys, leashes...etc. The list goes on, so before you start picking out toys, frilly outfits and names, there are a few questions you should ask yourself first.

What kind of pet do I like?

-Do research into the types of animals and breeds. Some animals are better at hunting, some at simply sitting on laps. You may be surprised once you start searching, that a specific breed you really had your heart set on, really isn't for you.

What is my lifestyle, work and play- Am I willing to make necessary life adjustments depending on the pet?   

-Consider how many hours a day you're gone from the home. Do you have time you can devote to the animal?

What is my living condition?

-Apartment, home, condo? If you are a renter or part of an association, make sure to check what animals are allowed. Is there enough space in your place to accommodate a pet?

What is my family condition - Can this pet handle my children?

-Married, single, kids, no kids, etc. How does everyone in the home feel about an addition to the family? Any allergies? Is everyone willing to pitch in and help? Who would be in charge of taking care of the pet? Do you have any past experiences with pets good/bad?

Consider your age, where will you be in 5-10 years?

-Will you still be able to take care of the pet at that time?

What is my financial condition?

-This is a big question as some animals can cost a lot of money. Consider vet check-ups, vaccinations, medicine, food, toys and unforeseen costs (sickness, injuries, etc.) Also think about the costs upfront, spay/neuter, adoption fees, set up costs. Obedience training, etc.   

Do I have any pets at home - How would they adjust?

-Do your research here. Some breeds just don't get along with other animals.

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Online Reporter: Jeannie Prescott

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