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Dale Neumann trial: Get LIVE tweets from inside the courtroom


by Cami Mountian

MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW) -- It's the first day of testimony in Dale Neumann's trial. He is the man accused of praying for his daughter, rather than seeking medical help as she died.

Newsline 9's Cami Mountain is in court today and is tweeting the very latest.

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Latest tweets: Court adjourns for lunch break to resume around 1PM.

Weston EMT takes the stand in Dale Neumann case.

First officer on the scene to Neumann home. Testifies Dale Neumann looked like he was trying to give Kara CPR.

Jury listening to hysterical 911 call which was made from inside Neumann home the day Kara died.

Ariel Neff released from stand. Court calls Marathon County dispatcher Ryan Hillman.

Jury listening to tape of 911 call from Ariel Neff to Marathon County dispatch.

Testimony resumes in Dale Neumann case.

Fire alarm goes off in Marathon County Court. Security guard checks it out and says everything is ok. Court adjourned for 10 mins.

Neff called 911 from CA asking deputies to go to Neumann house during Kara's illness.

Second witness takes the stand - Ariel Neff is former sister-in-law of Leilani and Dale Neumann.

Susan Neumann testifies that Dale told her he would not do anything differently during Kara's illness and death.

Jury brought back in. Questioning of Susan Neumann continues.

Judge excuses jury after attorneys approach the stand regarding hearsay. Prosecutor says defense attorney is attacking witness.

Susan Neumann testifies that rest of Neumann family did not share same beliefs as Dale's close family regarding doctors.

Susan Nuemann - first witness called. She is Dale's sister-in-law.

Dale Neumann trial underway. Prosecution has long list of witnesses including Leilani Neumann.

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