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Golden Sands Speedway enjoys highest car count in the state

By Russ Owens

PLOVER (WAOW)-  Golden Sands Speedway in Plover, Wisconsin holds racing every Friday night in the summer months, and while many tracks around the state have struggled due to tough economic times, not this track.

Says Track Promoter Craig Bassuener, "We have a good core of local drivers in the surrounding area of this racetrack so we get a good car count."

Says Local Driver Kyle Andrich, "I'm just glad this track is still going and Craig is helping to keep it alive. I know there's a lot of tracks struggling right now, I think we're just lucky in this area to have a track."

In fact Golden Sands leads the state in car count with as many as 29 a night for certain classes, but there is a little secret behind the success.

Says Bassuener, "We really work hard on our programs, keeping the rules the same year in and year out, by keeping the rules the same, guys can take their cars and put them in the garage, just buy the new parts that they really wanna spend the money on. We really control the costs and we've been doing that for the last 15 years so that really helps."

Drivers have also been a little less aggressive on the track, hoping to not cause as many wrecks, therefore salvaging parts.

Says Andrich, "It takes a lot of time to make these cars look as good as they do and perform as good as they do, and when you do get wrecked, it just throws everything all off."

Says Bassuener, "I should be knocking on wood, but our drivers have been racing really well with one another, havn't seen a lot of wrecks so that helps out a lot."

Says Local Driver Matt Ciesielski, "Drivers have been buying more used parts I believe. Drivers have been finding ways to save a little money and keep coming out every week."

Then there's also the fact that sponsors have continued their support.

Says Ciesielski, "I know if we weren't able to have sponsors, it would pretty much make it impossible for us to race every week."

Says Andrich, "Nobody would race without sponsors. We just need to cross our fingers that the economy will stay up just enough that the sponsors can afford to do what they do for us."

This all in hopes that those high car counts continue at Golden Sands therefore continuing that racing each and every Friday night.

Online Reporter- Russ Owens

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