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Pet Pause: So you want a cat?


by Natalie Separation

WAKE UP WISCONSIN (WAOW)--- This morning during our Pet Pause segment, Dolores Flytraps, from Wisconsin Federated joined us to talk about making the decision to get a cat.

Here is Dolores' advice:

Advantages of getting a cat:

    They are extremely fastidious, they constantly clean themselves

    Low maintenance

    They are very affectionate - it's all what you put into them

    You can go away for 2 days, and not worry

    You don't have to walk them at 20 below!

     They don't bark!

Best place to get a cat:

     Shelters are really the best place to get a cat. They have such a large selection of ages and types and often pure breeds.


     If you think you or a family member  has  an allergy, go to a shelter and play with a short hair cat.  It is now known that more often than not-children that are brought up in a home with pets, especially cats build up an immunity to allergies.

Two's better:

    As wonderful as a kitty is two are more so. If you are gone from home a lot  a friend would be great company for your cat.  You will also get twice the laughs from watching their playful antics.

    Make sure you get your cat spayed or neutered this is very important to their health. This holds true especially for females-breast and ovarian cancer is so prevalent in unsprayed females.

     If your cat is not declawed,  clip it's nails often and get one or two scratching posts.

     ALWAYS keep the litter box clean. Cats hate dirty boxes and might possible go outside the box if it is very dirty.

Online Reporter: Natalie Sparacio

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