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Congressman Obey talks about Cash For Clunkers


by Colby Robertson

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Congressman Obey says he's hoping the Senate will vote to keep the popular Cash for Clunkers program alive.

The rebate program is aimed at getting gas guzzlers off the road and pumping life into the ailing auto industry.

President Obama says the program will go broke by Friday if it's not re-filled by Congress.

If passed, consumers will be able to take advantage of the 45-hundred dollar rebates, until Labor Day.

Cash For Clunkers allows drivers to trade in a "clunker" that gets poor gas mileage for a new car.

Congressman Dave Obey says he's amazed at the popularity of the program. He admits he had doubts when it was first added into his stimulus bill.

Obey says, "I was very surprised. I thought it would be moderately successful, but the dealers and companies advertised it heavily and the public embraced it and it's one of the pieces of good news were seeing in the economy."

Obey also had this to say in reaction to critics who think the program is encouraging consumers to buy foreign cars, rather than vehicles made in the U.S.

"I would honestly prefer they buy Domestic cars, but either way, the important thing right now is to create jobs, so whether somebody works as a salesman in a Toyota showroom or a Ford showroom. We need both of those people to keep working and if this program helps I'm all for it."

Online Reporter: Colby Robertson

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