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Pet Pause - Preparing For Your New Pet

By Jeannie Prescott  

Wake Up Wisconsin (WAOW)-- Preparing for your new pet should be a thoughtful process to reduce the stress of the transition for you, your family and your new friend.  

Here are some tips to get started:  

- Search around for a Veterinarian: Ask friends/family for recommendations.

- Set up an appointment before you bring your pet home

- Setting up an area for your pet—bedding, crate, food/water area: Many times a small enclosed area is the best. Pets are often coming from smaller cages and may feel safer in a bathroom/small room where they can explore the rest of the house when they feel comfortable.

- Set up a training and potty scheduling for dogs: Try and train dog to go in one area of the yard. Puppy pads are also helpful when training a puppy. The pads have a scent that dogs are attracted to. The pads are for when you are not at home.

- Kitten and puppy proof your home: Make sure you do not have any plants or objects that would be harmful to your pet.

- Stock up on play toys and chewies: Chewies are important to have for when your new puppy starts to chew on something it shouldn’t.

- Search for the right litter for your cat: Clay/low dust cat litters tend to be the most popular. Ask your veterinarian for advice.

- Think about taking off some time from work to get your new pet used to you and your home: This will also help in potty training.  

For more information visit: Wisconsin Federated 

Online Reporter: Jeannie Prescott

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