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Bill would help more high school students earn college credits for free

by Meg Bonacorsi

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- We may soon see more students earning college credits while in high school for free.

U.S. Senator Herb Kohl of Wisconsin has introduced a Fast Track To College bill.

It provides the funds, and partners high schools with colleges so more

students can earn a diploma and possibly an associates degree at the same time.

Senator Kohl says he introduced the bill because wants to decrease the high school drop-out rate and increase the number of students who go on to college.

He thinks giving them a head start is the way to do that.

Kohl says, "We have to do everything we can to create hope among young people that they can make it in college by showing them while they're in high school that in fact they can take a college course, do well, and begin to think about how they will be comfortable in a post high school setting."

Area educators from both high schools and colleges came out to hear about the Fast Track To College Bill and are really excited about the potential opportunity.

NTC president Lori Weyers says, "We want to make sure students get an opportunity to really scope out what they want to go into but we want them to be engaged in realizing that the jobs of tomorrow are going to require more than a high school education."

Students would be able to participate in the program as much as they want.. earning up to two years of college credit.

The funding for the free program isn't secured yet, but Senator Kohl says both President Obama and the Secretary of Education support the bill.

Online Reporter: Meg Bonacorsi

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