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Sim sex marriage


ABC NEWS-- The Sims has traditionally appealed to gamers as an imitation of life.  But for some critics, its latest version offers lifestyle options that have offended some.

The new Sims 3 life-simulation game is sending shockwaves through the gaming world. For the first time, the game allows same-sex couples to go beyond civil unions. Gamers can do what most gay couples are prohibited from doing in real life. They can get married and adopt children.

Developer Electronic Arts has sold more than 100 million units worldwide in the last nine years, translating the Sims game into 22 languages.

Conservative critics accuse the company of using its reach to impose a gay agenda on young players. Dan Gainor, the vice president of the MRC's Culture and Media Institute said, "What we're seeing is a consistent theme in entertainment media so they can indoctrinate young people so that when the young people get a little older they'll be supportive of the gay agenda."

But recent polls show a shift in attitudes toward gay marriage. An ABC News poll from April shows 49 percent of Americans are in favor of gay marriage, up 17 percent in the last five years. Kevin Naff of The Washington Blade notes, "When you hear these complaints from the right wing it really reminds me of the last gasps of the dinosaurs. They're dying out. They know they have peaked in influence and power."

Electronic Arts says its only agenda is creating a game that's fun to play. EA games associate producer MJ Chun said, "We just set up systems and that's just the story that players have started to tell. So that's very important for us that we don't impose limitations on how players want to tell their story. It's their story. It's their game. It 's their Sims."

A game that focuses on players, but has engaged one of the country's most explosive cultural debates.

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