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"We'll Never Forget You Brent" t-shirts on sale

MADISON (WKOW) -- Brett Favre's announcement echoed all the way to state street.

When shoppers heard he officially joined the Minnesota Vikings, they headed to one store in particular, where fans and former fans were snatching up some pretty unique merchandise.

And we're not talking about purple jerseys with the number 4.

Downtown clothing store Sconnie Nation is selling novelty t-shirts.

One of the green and gold shirts reads, "We'll never forget you Brent."

It's supposed to be a humorous typo, and a way for fans to show their disapproval of Brett's team-switching.

"I grew up with Brett Favre as my quarterback," said Packer Fan Kayla Baake. "The whole story's just ruined the legacy for most people in Green Bay. It's become a joke"

"He's a good player, but it's a shame for his legacy that he's been bouncing around so much," said Debra Morse of Fitchburg.

"I've had a few people stop in and say you shouldn't be selling that, you don't realize what he's done for the state," said Isaac Lenz, store manager. "I just tell people I'm from Green Bay. I still like Brett Favre. You still have to admit it's a funny shirt."

Many people buying shirts said they were loyal to the packers, and considered what Favre did to be kind of traitorous. There's a t-shirt for that too, a "Benedict Brett" shirt.

More than anything, fans are anxious to see Favre play his first game against the pack. Some of them say they're brave enough to wear the shirts in hallowed Lambeau Field.

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