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Pet Pause- Birds, Fish and 'Furries'


By Jeannie Prescott with Dolores Gyltas

WAKE UP WISCONSIN (WAOW)-Birds, fish and "furries" can make great pets for first time pet owners. Here is some information on birds, fish and "furries" to help you decide if one is right for you.


- Have a great calming effect on people: Many tense places such as Doctors offices have them to calm patients, especially children.

- You can go from a very small collection to a very large and expensive collection. 

- There is a lot of upkeep and some fish can be extremely fragile to their environment.

"Furries" - Guinea pigs, ferrets, bunnies etc.

- These are cute, very quiet pets. 

- Great for small places as apartments or a child's bedroom. 

- Because they are small and quiet many times people forget about their upkeep: Cleaning cages, fresh water, etc. 

- Bunnies are a favorite for many children involved in 4H projects: Even though these are small, as with any animal these can all bite and scratch so caution with little children.

- Ferrets still give off a musk smell even when their glands are removed.

- Rats, mice and hamsters are nocturnal so if you are a light sleeper this might be a problem.


- Their upkeep can be too much for some people to handle.

- Since most of these birds are very fragile they usually need a temperature controlled environment: Don't place cages in a drafty, cold area. This can be detrimental to their health.

- If there are any smokers in the home a bird is not the right choice.

- If you want a very sociable bird Canaries aren't the best choice.

- Birds can be quite messy so if you are very fastidious you really don't want one.

- They can be very noisy depending on the type of bird

BIG bottom line, if you cannot have a pet go and volunteer at a local shelter to help socialize pets and donate to them

Online Reporter: Jeannie Prescott

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