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Representative Obey to hold tele-town-hall


WASHINGTON, D.C. (PRESS RELEASE)-- Seventh District Congressman Dave Obey (D-WI) will field questions on healthcare reform during a District-wide Telephone Forum on Monday, August 31st.  This follows an earlier healthcare discussion that Obey participated in on August 3rd with the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups in Superior. 

By allowing thousands of people from all across the Seventh District to participate from their own homes, a telephone forum is the most constructive way to involve the largest number of people possible in a good discussion on this important topic with Congressman Obey.

"I know folks have a lot of questions and concerns about healthcare reform," said Obey.  "I'm looking forward to a good discussion with people from all over the District, a chance to separate fact from fiction, and an opportunity to ensure that people have accurate information - not misinformation - about what's going on. The advantage of having this kind of conference is that, rather than being confined to one community in the district, this allows a large and absolutely random cross section of people from all 20 counties in the district to participate."

New teleconferencing technology allows Congressman Obey to host a large-scale conference call involving potentially thousands of his constituents.  In fact, it is anticipated that more people will participate in this one event than the combined crowd at the ten discussions Obey has held on this subject already this year.  Under this technology, at the start of the call on Monday (approximately 7:30 p.m.) a computerized program will contact 50,000 households in the 7th District on a random basis to determine their desire to participate in the forum.  If they choose to stay on the line, they will be connected to the district-wide discussion with Congressman Obey.

Alternatively, residents of the 7th District who wish to ensure that they can participate in the Telephone Forum should sign up by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday August 30, 2009 by visiting Congressman Obey's website at www.Obey.House.Gov.

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