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60 second angler: Dog days


by Bryon Graff

(WAOW) - The 60 second angler tackles the dog days of summer.

Mike Michalak: "Here we are in the dog days of summer 80's 90s, 100 degrees. It affects us more than it does the fish. In fact the metabolism of the fish speeds up. That means they eat more. What does that mean to you and me? More action on the water. But what water? Lakes are affected by the drastic changes in temperature but not rivers. I caught up with ESPN's Ron Schara to explain that."

Ron Schara of "Backroads with Ron and Raveo: "When it comes to late July and hot August for example my mind goes to rivers. Rivers for some reason tend to be better fishing when it's hotter than sometimes lakes are. We have a lot of rivers full of smallmouth bass, walleye, northern, pike, almost everything you want to catch. But rivers tend to be better fishing spots when it gets hot. Dog days of summer. Dog days don't hit rivers. For example smallmouth bass like topwater. Topwater jigs. Don't forget rivers when you fish in the hot of summer.

Michalak: "I'm Mike Michalek with your 60 second angler. Good luck on the water."

Online Reporter: Bryon Graff

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