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Pet Pause: Choosing a Veterinarian and Pet Insurance

by Natalie Sparacio & Dolores Glytas

WAKE UP WISCONSIN (WAOW)-- This week's Pet Pause segment focused on how to choose a veterinarian and whether pet insurance is a good option for your family.

Dolores Glytas, from Wisconsin Federated, joined us on the show this morning."How should I pick a Veterinarian?"

Ask friends or neighbors who they go to. What do they like or dislike about the doctors?

Call or stop in a Vet's office to ask about services, fees any specializations. 

Ask for a tour.

As with any doctor see also what your comfort level is with the doctor and staff.

Your local shelter can give you the names of local Vets.

However, they don't like to give favorites, unless there is something vastly wrong.

Some shelters have clinics, some of which only serve the shelter pets or may serve low income families.

You should have your pet in for a preliminary check up and base line blood test.

Some basic prices are:

Office visit -- $30

Blood work -- $60

Rabies -- $20

Fecal test -- $20

Dog DHPP -- $35

Cat - (FVPC) -- $35

Feline Leukemia -- $30

Should you get pet insurance?

Yes --- if you can afford it , if you have a puppy or kitten

DO comparison shop on insurances. 

Go to : this site list all companies, their different levels of coverage and prices.

Online Reporter: Natalie Sparacio

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