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Pet Pause: Risks of keeping pets outdoors constantly

by Natalie Sparacio & Dolores Gyltas

WAKE UP WISCONSIN (WAOW)-- This week's Pet Pause segment focuses on the dangers of keeping dogs and cats outdoors constantly.

Dolores Gyltas, from Wisconsin Federated joined us on the show to offer her insight. Here's what he has to say:

Dogs are social pack animals who thrive better indoors with their pack - the family, so keeping dogs outside denies them a place in the family pack.  Dogs are ‘den' animals who like a safe and quiet place to rest such as your house.

Backyard dogs have more behavioral problems :

Since all your dogs instincts are telling him it's not good to be left alone or isolated from the pack, your dog can become very stressed or anxious. --- digging, constant barking, whining, chewing, escaping or aggression.  These problems can become very troublesome for your neighbors.  This is especially true if you are living in close proximity of your neighbors.  This is another point of being a responsible pet owner.

Myth: Backyard dogs make great guard dogs.

Dogs protect their turf, if it is outside that's what he protects not the inside of your home.

More risks:

Escape from the yard can lead to being hit by a car or even bite someone out of confusion.

Taunting from youths or people on the other side of the fence, leading to dog aggression.


Neighbor complaints and threats - visits from animal control

Illness and chronic health problems from being out in the changing elements.

Sunburn or heatstroke

Development of obsessive behaviors such as tail chasing and self mutilation

Never tie or chain your dog up outside! Dogs that are constantly tied or chained up outside suffer from extreme frustration which can result in hyperactivity or aggression against friends, family or you.


Unless you have ‘barn' cats, they should be indoor pets most especially if they are declawed.

Cats can easily and have often been hit by cars

Cat can easily pick up diseases from wild animals.

If you want to bring your cat outside-put a harness on her and bring her out side with you.   You can also build or buy a confined cat cage for the yard.

If your cats like their ‘greens'  start planting grass in a small pot for winter grazing.  

Online Reporter: Natalie Sparacio

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