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Latest: Police say missing teen may be a runaway, mom says it's unlikely


by Meg Bonacorsi

ANTIGO (WAOW) -- It's been nearly a month since a 16-year-old Antigo teen went missing in Wausau.

Now police aren't sure whether she was abducted or if she's just hiding out.

Kayla's mom Hope Sprenger says, "Kayla if you can hear this, please just call me, you're not in trouble. Just call mom. I need to know."

Even though 16-year-old Kayla Berg has been missing for nearly a month, her mother isn't giving up hope. And neither are the Antigo Police.

Chief Eric Roller says, "We're following up on everything we can. A lot of it has been "she's been here or there, been sighted here, maybe here".

The problem is, they haven't been able to confirm any of those tips. The man who saw Kayla last dropped her off at this abandoned home. He says he never saw her go in. The person she was meeting says he wasn't here.

Roller says, "To this day that's all we really do know."

Based on interviews, the stories just aren't matching up. That's why police believe Kayla may be hiding with friends.

Roller says, "We do feel that there is some deception there and they may know more about it. Again, it's nothing concrete but it is a lead that we want to go on."

But Sprenger isn't so sure, "I can't believe that they would lie. They've seen what I've gone through, what I'm going through... I can't see her doing this. It's completely not in her nature."

But police say if Kayla is hiding, it's the best case scenario at this point.

Roller says, "That's what we're hoping for. I mean we're just hoping that she's going to come back, she's safe and her friends knew."

You may remember we told you that police received a tip from a person saying they thought they saw Kayla get into a truck at the Wal-Mart in Antigo.

The driver of that truck was interviewed and cleared.

If you have any information about Kayla, call local law enforcement.

Online Reporter: Meg Bonacorsi



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