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Welcome to Have You Ever Wondered!


By Kristen Connolly

Having lived in several different states, there is one thing I have constantly noticed - weather effects everything.  Weather is a natural part of life but it has a huge impact on everything from cultural activities to agriculture to industry and tourism.  When I moved to Wisconsin, I was amazed by the correlation between everything that "happens" in our state and the weather and seasons.  Whether it was finding out that we are the largest producers of cranberries or that Eagle River is the snowmobile capital of the world, the facts seemed endless.  This information sparked my curiosity and made me want to find out more about North Central Wisconsin.  This is why I have created a new piece to answer your questions.  I will explore topics from local crops to tourism to something as simple as why is snow white.  This is an opportunity for you to ask and find out the answers to those questions.  What have you ever wondered about?    

Once a week I will explore a topic and find an expert to help guide me through the discovery process.  I will journal the answers and include the response, pictures and even some video on the site. Please email your questions and let's get started!

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