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Birds & kids invade Woodson Art Museum

by Cami Mountain

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Not only are birds invading the Woodson Art Museum, so are kids.  And this month Toddler Tuesday is tied in with the Woodson's annual Birds in Art exhibit.

Whether it's making bird sounds or decorating bird eggs, it's all art.  And it's all a part of Toddler Tuesday at Wausau's Woodson Art Museum.

"Every Toddler Tuesday has a theme and this month our theme was birds and song and music. So, everything has something to do with birds or music and some of them both."  Jayna Hintz is Curator of Education at the museum and comes up with every Toddler Tuesday theme  Sometimes coming up with one is a work of art itself.

Hintz adds, "Sometimes you just kind of brainstorm and things come about. I was really thinking about birds and songs and how they relate and how much children love music and how well music and art go well together."

Music and art also go well with Owen Stephenson, 3.  He and his mom Anne have been coming to Toddler Tuesday even before he was a toddler, so Owen could watch his big brother play.  Now that it's his turn, he loves every minute.

Anne Stephenson says, "We get to do a lot of different crafts and paintings, messy things. He gets snacks, that's always good. It gives him a great time to be around other kids and enjoy the museum."

Anne says the toddler time is good for Owen's social skills and gets his creative juices flowing.  And they don't limit their time at the Woodson's to just Tuesday's.

Stephenson adds, "To get up here and just look at the exhibits and play, even if it's not Toddler Tuesday, is a great idea."

Kids also get a chance to actually look at the Birds in Art Exhibit during Toddler Tours.  Next month, Toddler Tuesday focuses on owls.

Birds in Art continues at the Woodson until Mid-November.  Thursday on Newsline 9 at 6, meet this year's Master Artist.

Online Reporter:  Cami Mountain

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