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Moose on the loose!


By Meg Bonacorsi

ONEIDA COUNTY (WAOW) -- Wisconsin is home to a variety of wildlife.

But once in a while you may happen upon something unexpected.

On Sunday, an Oneida County man spotted a moose standing in his front yard.

"They're really rare here in Wisconsin," says DNR wildlife biologist Ron Eckstein.

So rare, that at any given time, there are only about 5 moose in this part of the state.  That's why Matt Stelter couldn't believe it when he saw one in his front yard.

Matt recalls, "There was no mistaking what it was. I looked at it for probably all of one second and went running for the camera."

At first Matt took pictures from inside his home, then made his way outside. As he snapped away, just one thought was running through his mind.

"I'm looking at something in Northern Wisconsin I will probably never see again," Matt says.

After hanging out in this yard for a bit, the moose headed out towards the road, leaving a number of tracks.

Matt says, "It was definitely a track you're not used to seeing. Significantly larger than anything a whitetail would leave behind."

After a few minutes, the moose was out of sight. But for Matt, an avid outdoors man, the short-lived experience was incredible.

Matt says, "We've already seen sand hill cranes, coyotes, bears and wolves so far this year. But the bull moose had to take the cake for the most unexpected."

If you're lucky enough to happen upon such a magnificent creature, experts say treat it as you would any large animal.

Eckstein says, "Most of them see them from a road, they're crossing a road. Be careful, park your car, look out for other cars, things like that. Get your camera out, get a good picture and report it to the DNR."

It's not just moose that should be reported to the DNR.

The wildlife biologist says if you see any animal that isn't typically in our area, to please let them know about it.

They like to keep track of sightings and follow up on them if necessary.

Online Reporter: Meg Bonacorsi

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