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The Packers get ready to face outrageous wide receiver Chad OchoCinco


By Russ Owens

GREEN BAY (WAOW)-  On Sunday, the Packer will welcome one of the most dynamic players both on and off the field in the league in wide receiver Chad OchoCinco. And this guy says if he scores a touchdown, he's gonna do the Lambeau leap.

Says Says Linebacker Aaron Kampman, "I'm not even gonna touch it, but I'm sure our fans will take care of that."

Says Says Linebacker Brady Poppinga, "Talking about OchoCinco or Ochenta Cinco if you really wanna be technical, but he's a funny dude, and I gotta give him a lot of kudos for being funny, for being witty or whatever. But obviously when you're playing your opponent and you get a chance to blow somebody up you're gonna fully take advantage of that."

Says Defensive Tackle Johnny Jolly, "He's a great player, he's a great player with character and he gets the job done."

For coach Mike McCarthy he's really not worried about the off the field drama, he just wants to make sure his guys are ready for the challenge Ocho presents.

Says Head Coach Mike McCarthy, "Is it Ocho? I gotta make sure I call him the right name but they bring a lot to the table, Chad Johnson is a great player, a dynamic football player, if you watch him run routes and with the ball in his hand, he's a big time football player and that's really what our focus is on. All that other stuff is great for TV, and that's why we're talking about it, but that really doesn't matter. He's a great football player."

It could be a pretty tough assignment defending this guy though, because in the last five years, OchoCinco has been the second most productive wide receiver in the league in receptions and yards.

Online Reporter- Russ Owens

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