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Pet Pause: Helping dogs with Arthritis

by Natalie Sparacio & Dolores Glytas

WAKE UP WISCONSIN(WAOW)--This week's Pet Pause segment focuses on Arthritis in dogs, and how to help pets deal with the health condition.

Here is some advice from Dolores Glytas, from Wisconsin Federated:

Arthritis (inflammation of the joints) is fairly common in dogs.

Major causes are anatomical abnormalities which may be either hereditary or have nutritional causes.

Sprains, which are damages to the joints, also causes arthritis, and if left untreated, can lead to osteoarthritis.

Once osteoarthritis sets in, the damage is usually permanent.

What to look for:  limping, joint stiffness, hard time getting or jumping up.  This may also be the onset of lymes disease, this should be considered with chronic arthritis.

So either way, take your dog to the vet for a correct diagnosis and treatment.

Keep your pet off cold, wet pavement

Have more comfortable bedding for achy bones

Warmer area or even a heating pad will help

Keep up the walking exercise, just shorter walks

Glucosomine supplements

Keep weight down

Possible pain medication from vet. (be careful, as your pet may want to be a lot more active, he still needs to rest.  Also, if pain meds are a constant - it may be good to ‘take a break' from them on the good days.)

Online Reporter: Natalie Sparacio

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