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Class of the Week 9/25: Holy Rosary School, in Medford

by Natalie Sparacio

MEDFORD (WAOW)--  Last week, 5th grader Amanda Stefancin lost her mother Audrey, to cancer.

Audrey will not only be missed by her family and friends.. but also the students at Holy Rosary School in Medford, who's lives she touched on a daily basis.

To show their support to Amanda, her classmates designed and created a quilt, with her mother's picture on it.

Each patch and message on the quilt has a special meaning, the fabric was actually taken from Audrey's clothes and donated by parents. Amanda is truly touched by her classmates compassion.

Amanda says, "... it was amazing, I just love everybody here, and the quilt and the pillow they made after school."

Mikayla Kelz, her classmate says, "... it felt awesome, "I'm like were doing something really nice. for a really good person."

Faculty members and parents say the students came up with the idea, and really jump-started the project.

Their teacher, Ms. Busse says, "... the parish made me a quilt last year andI know how much it meant to me, so it was just like passing the love on, very gratifying."

Christy Tomadl, a parent who helped with the project says, "... the way they pull together and help out each other, they're willing to step up and do what it takes to help out a fellow classmate.

These 5th graders are Wake Up Wisconsin's Class of the Week because they showed such sensitivity and support. The students joined together to help out a fellow friend, in her time of need by creating a symbol of remembrance and warmth, as Amanda copes her with loss. They're commitment to helping out another, makes them this week's CLASS OF THE WEEK!

Online Reporter: Natalie Sparacio

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