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Wis. astronaut leaves this week for 3rd space trip

WINTER, Wis. (AP) -- Wisconsin astronaut Jeffrey Williams is heading back to space this week, and he's bringing a few reminders of home.

He says he's limited to two to three pounds of extra gear. He says he'll take a Bible, some family pictures and a few small U.S. flags.

The Winter man will be making his third trip to space Wednesday. He'll blast off from Kazakhstan in a Russian Soyuz rocket, for a six-month ride in Earth's orbit.

Williams says a Russian cosmonaut will be bringing his own trinket. Maxime Surayev will bring a small stuffed lion, part of a Russian space tradition. Williams says they leave the lion unsecured, so when it starts floating about the cabin they know they're officially in zero gravity.

Williams will return to Earth in mid-March.

Online Reporter: Kelsi Schindler

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