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Birds In Art: Foreign Artists


by Pam Warnke

WAUSAU (WAOW)-- The work of the Birds In Art artists is breathtaking.

Beautiful birds painted in oil, acrylic, watercolor.  Some are drawn with pencil, some with ink.

Some are sculpted in bronze.  Others are carved in mahoghany and walnut.

They are the pieces that make up this year's Birds in Art.  The exhibity is a draw for wildlife artists hear at home and afar.

"Birds In Art has an extraordinary international draw," said Jonathaon Sainsbury.

Getting into the exhibit is a test in itself.  Many artists submit entries year after year, only to be turned down.  Once accepted, it is a priority to attend no matter the distance.

Jonathon Saisbury came all the way from Scotland.  He says, "One of the most important things, if someone is accepted, is the artist normally comes, and so there will be 80 or 90 artists from all over the world.  It's a chance to meet them all."

"There are a couple that I really admire, Edward Aldrich and Carl Brindish and, of course, I love John Busby work," said Norway's Esther van Hulsen.

Once here the artists spend time with the work, spend time with the viewers, but most importantly spend time with each other.

Many credit this venue with allowing them to talk about the process in a way other meetings don't.

"The most delightful thing is that we all talk the same language.  We don't have to explain certain things because we all know what we're talking about and that's good," said Sainsbury.

And while the exhibit itself is impressive and inspiring, these foreign artists admit something else.

They say the lay of the land in Wisconsin is amazing.  The free open space is something they don't have.  They like watching the wildlife interact in it.

"It's actually really fun to see the city and to come into a completely different environment," said van Hulsen.

Sainsbury said, "For us, what is so differenct is that America has such space.  Now, I come from Scotland which has more space then England, but we're very close and here you have space and I'm always impressed by that."

Online Reporter: Pam Warnke

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